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SUBMISSIONS: Submit your app and payment below for your App Apes written review. All apps for Android, Apple, and Windows Phone are welcome. If your submission is for multiple platforms, make sure to supply a link for each in the Other Store Listing URLs boxes below. We love to see independent developers, as well as more established developers, so don’t hesitate to submit.

All ultimate submissions will receive a concise written review, a four bar App Apes rating, pros-and-con listed notes, and a dedicated page for their app. An App Apes review badge with the score received will be available to all developers once their app’s review is published. A game play video may also be created for your app if the editors deem it fit to do so. You will also have your app banner featured on the App Apes homepage for 1 month and you will be added to the App Apes Indie Developer List.

JUDGING CRITERIA: Every app selected for review is judged by the same criteria. We rate games (and apps) based off of four categories: Graphics (User Interface), Gameplay (Functionality), Replay Value (Inexhaustibility), and the more recently added Originality. The Graphics/User Interface category is largely based on the ascetics of the game or app. For further information on which apps are acceptable, please read our About Us or Free Review pages.

IMPORTANT: If your game/app is NOT free to play, you will need to add an access/promo code in the promo code box below. Please do NOT use URL shorteners for your marketplace links.

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