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SUBMISSIONS: Submit your app below for the chance to receive a free review. All apps for Android, Apple, and Windows Phone are welcome. If your submission is for multiple platforms, make sure to supply a link for each in the Other Store Listing URLs boxes below. We love to see independent developers, as well as more established developers. General submissions are completely free, but not guaranteed. If you’d like to guarantee your app gets reviewed, take a look at our Premium Submission option.

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In order to apply for your chance of receiving a free App Apes review, please fill out the form below. Unsolicited emails asking for a review will not be read. Do NOT use URL shorteners for your marketplace links. These will not be opened. Please also follow App Apes on Twitter—you may enter your Twitter ID below in the submission form. All submissions chosen for a review will receive a four bar App Apes rating, pros and con listed notes, and a dedicated page for their app. Only developers who help spread the word of App Apes via Twitter will have the chance to receive a concise written review, free of charge, on top of the App Apes four bar rating, pros-and-con list, and dedicated page. An App Apes review badge, with the score received, will be available to all developers once (and if) their app is selected and the review is published. A game play video may also be created for your app if the editors deem it fit to do so. Not all those who follow are guaranteed a response and only those apps that our editors deem fit for review will receive one. This written review is typically reserved for games or apps that warrant further explanation and those that are not done justice with the pros and cons list alone, or those in which the reviewers had much to say.

JUDGING CRITERIA: Every app selected for review is judged by the same criteria. We rate games (and apps) based off of four categories: Graphics (User Interface), Gameplay (Functionality), Replay Value (Inexhaustibility), and the more recently added Originality. The Graphics/User Interface category is largely based on the ascetics of the game or app. Submissions are no more aesthetically limited to photo-realism than they are thick bordered cartoons in order to receive a high score. Graphics need simply to be appropriate for the theme and style of the game. For example, you wouldn’t make a horror game with cute Mario or Pacman characters, just like you wouldn’t want a Mario-like game with Pyramid head as the positive, happy, laughing protagonist. For a high score, the UI, characters, and environments need to demonstrate a complimentary theme. Everything should work together and not be abrasive or tacky. Beyond that, most anything goes. Even games with stick figures can possibly receive a high score in the Graphics category if done right, with the executive choice being clearly essential for the theme. The Gameplay/Functionality category has to do with both the fluidity of the game play and the fun of it. For a high score there has to be great satisfaction in playing, little to no bugs, and a smoothness to the processes of the app. The Replay Value / Inexhaustibility category concerns the number of hours that can be put into the game or app before receiving diminishing returns on satisfaction. Think of the classics Solitaire, Tetris, and Chess. all three games are fun every time they are played, and they have been played for generations because of their inherent satisfaction. In contrast, games such as hidden-object finding games would not be as fun the second time through as the player would already have an idea of where the objects are, and therefore the satisfaction of the game is diminished, resulting in a lesser score. Keep this in mind for such games. Sometimes games with low Replay Value will have high Graphics and Gameplay scores and therefore be worth an initial play through. Finally, there is the more recently added Originality bar. Due to the high volume of Flappy Bird and Angry bird clones that the App Apes reviewers have received, we have decided to add a fourth bar to all new submissions labeled Originality. It won’t be a simple yes or no, but rather a full one-to-ten range like the other rating bars. If the developer clearly based their games off an already existing (likely popular) game, with little or no changes or additional features, their score for originality will be closer to 1. If the app is a never before seen experience, the originality score will be much greater. Factors such as unique stories and graphics will lead to higher originality scores than a complete copy. We at App Apes love originality. In fact, we go bananas for unique games and grow tired of money-grab clones that only lead to clutter and confusion in the app stores. Of course genre will be taken into consideration and games that are reiterations of classics like word searches, hangman, whack-a-mole, and pong will be judged more heavily on their graphics and how they manage or do not manage to better the game, than they will on their core concepts.

For further information on which apps are acceptable, please read our About Us page.

IMPORTANT: If your game/app is NOT free to play, you will need to add an access/promo code in the promo code box below. Again, do NOT use URL shorteners for your marketplace links. These will not be opened. Also, if you wish to be added to our List of the Greatest Indie Developers, simply follow the link, scroll to the bottom of the page, and supply the requested information.

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