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How did your team come together and who does what for the company?

PlaySlide is a bunch of veteran game and app developers from around the world who got bored of extremely long development cycles and gigantic projects. We want to work on as many cool game ideas as possible and release our ideas into the wild as often as we can, then tweak them based on immediate feedback from other enthusiastic players. We have team members in Hungary, Japan, and the US all pitching in to make a *lot* of really cool titles.


How many games have you worked on so far? Who is your target audience?

Our team members have collectively worked on over 500 titles across every platform imaginable. PlaySlide has released 5 titles for Apple/Android so far (just this month!) and we plan to release many, many more over the next year. Target audience right now is casual gamers but also focusing on game mechanics and qualities that are familiar with core gamers (such as ourselves!) We do want to keep things available to as many audiences as possible (most of us have kids too), so we try to avoid themes that aren’t family friendly.

Tell us a little about the projects you are most proud of.

Aliens End Roach came together really quickly and was such a crazy idea that we loved it immediately. Tibi (our main programmer) and I were joking about how cockroaches would be the last surviving being after aliens come to nuke the planet and well… the result is a game where you destroy the aliens by simply being a cockroach and getting hit by bombs. Dodgy Fish was another crazy idea where I was discussing the physics of a dead fish hitting the windshield of a car on the freeway with Goro (our head honcho). This somehow turned into an incredibly silly, but satisfyingly fun title!

Aliens End Roach: Atomic Bug!
Developer: PlaySlide
Price: Free

What inspired the art and story direction for your current project and/or previous projects? What indie games are you playing now, have you found inspiration from, or do you simply admire?

At first glance you wouldn’t know it, but we have some amazing graphic artists and UX designers working with us. One thing we want to do is keep the games amazingly simple. Two buttons at most (hopefully left and right). The less buttons and stuff on screen, the less explanation is needed, the more intuitive the game should be. That being said, we’re big fans of a lot of open source art, simply because it helps with prototyping and putting together ideas so quickly, and oftentimes we end up falling in love with, and using it (or variants of it) in our final projects! We play a lot of games. Our boss is a big PC gamer (and deep into the latest Witcher title right now). Head programmer love puzzle and brain games (and holds the high score for every damn title). I spend a lot of time catching up (I have a gigantic backlog) on older-ish console titles from PS3/Wii era up through today’s consoles. We also love surfing the net for crazy Flash games.

What inspired you to become indie game developers?

All of us got inspired when working with small teams within bigger projects and always wished we could keep that dynamic and simply create a ton of cool games with the independent, close-knit feeling of a small dev team.


What is the most rewarding aspect of being an indie developer? What challenges do you have to face? Do you have any tips for new indie developers?

Seeing your game published is always rewarding. Instant feedback from other players is awesome. Being able to tweak things and improve titles on as soon as you want to (without a bunch of meetings) is great. Challenges for -indie anything- will always be money :) But it’s of course a labor of love, which is why most of us are doing it. Tips? I imagine most say stuff about marketing, which is always true. But we believe making your first product is the biggest milestone, so stop procrastinating and get it out there!

Which game development tools are you using?

Unity3D/2D. What an amazing engine. All of us can collaborate on multiple projects around the world and it works just wonderfully. Coming from the world of embedded development and writing assembly code for devices ranging back to the Palm OS, Unity is an incredible tool.

What’s next for your company? What’s the name of your current game project and what is it about?

More games! We can’t give any specifics because there are too many! Seriously, we have been planning and developing for months and have a huge queue of uniquely silly, yet satisfying games in the works. OK. One involves an angry, jumping, green box. That’s all I will say :)

Check out some of PlaySlide Games work



Dodgy Fish: Torrent of Trout!
Developer: PlaySlide
Price: Free

Shoot Everything: Laser Golf!
Developer: PlaySlide
Price: Free

Snow Bunnies: Zombie Ski Run!
Developer: PlaySlide
Price: Free

Aliens End Roach: Atomic Bug!
Developer: PlaySlide
Price: Free

Whippin' Run: Temple Escape!
Developer: PlaySlide
Price: Free


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