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As part of our commitment to the indie game developer community, we at App Apes want to introduce our new Indie Developer Interview Submission Form. This form will allow us to publish more articles about all the great indie developers out there. To be considered, simply fill out the form below. For the questions, please aim to write 100+ words for each question. The more we get to know about you, the better!

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How many games have you worked on so far? Who is your target audience?

Tell us a little about the project(s) you are most proud of.

What inspired the art and story direction for your current project and/or previous projects? What indie games are you playing now, have you found inspiration from, or do you simply admire?

What inspired you to become indie game developers?

What is the most rewarding aspect of being an indie developer? What challenges do you have to face? Do you have any tips for new indie developers?

Which game development tools are you using?

What’s next for your company? What's the name of your current game project and what is it about?

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