Indie App Developer Banner Exchange

App Apes is delighted to introduce the Indie Developer Banner Exchange Program. The program is completely free and allows developers to promote their games, apps, or even developer websites on our website.

How it works

Developers must first insert the banner exchange code for App Apes on their website (found below). This earns the developer points to have their own ad displayed on our website’s homepage. After this is completed, developers must then fill out the form below, providing website URL, title, image, etc. We currently support 180 x 150 px banner ads. Developers can submit links to individual games or even developer websites. Once submitted, developers must then wait for approval before their banner is published on the App Apes website. Note: all ads must be accepted by App Apes staff before they begin to display.

Below is an example of what the ads will look like when displayed on our website:

App Apes Banner Exchange

Add our link to your website.

Before you submit your link you will need to add our link to your site. Otherwise your submission will be declined automatically.
Link Details
Website URL
Website Text App Apes
Website Title Indie App Reviews (Android, Apple, Windows)
Banner URL
Link Code

Here is the complete link code how it should look on your site:

Banner Link
<a href="" title="Indie App Reviews (Android, Apple, Windows)" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Indie App Reviews (Android, Apple, Windows)" /></a>

Indie App Reviews (Android, Apple, Windows)


(Please note: websites will be scanned daily to make sure our banner is still being displayed. If the scan finds our banner is no longer on your website, your banner will be removed from circulation in the Indie Developer Banner Exchange Program.)

Your site details
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Enter your URL.
Enter the name of your site.
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