Wandering Souls

Wandering Souls

App Apes Verdict
  • Graphics - 5.5/10
  • Gameplay - 7.5/10
  • Replay Value - 8.5/10
  • Originality - 9.5/10
User Rating: 4.0 (2 votes)


Wandering Souls™ from Sorry Mom Productions LLC is an app that delivers both spooky fun and a bit of a history lesson. All in all, the app provides several things for users to do, including tracking generated spirits, capturing souls, learning about the captured ghosts, and more. Players can spend time capturing ghosts by using their phone camera to look around the room or area with the scan feature. Once captured, the app utilizes Wikipedia as a source to describe who the captured ghost was in life (often times deceased poets and writers). This unique feature is entertaining and educational and players can learn a lot about the people of the past. The scariest thing about the app is without a doubt the music and sound effects and this almost makes up for the visual component. In truth, the ghostly graphics are pixilated and consist of still images with transparency.The app suffers the most in the graphics category, largely for the pixelation of the ghosts and the difficult to read text and 90’s user interface feel. These qualities do, however, add somewhat to the eerie feel of the app and can therefore not be seen as entirely negative. While the graphics are sometimes cheesy, they prove to be fun never-the-less. Being alone in a dark room and searching for ghosts can provide users with a real sense of dread. Turning slowly around the room after a ghost is detective creates a sense of fear with the anticipation. It’s fun to be scared and this app is a tool to capture that thrill of ghost hunting. Users have the option to “Raise the Dead” for $1.99 in which they can raise the souls of thirteen spirits and observe them as they travel around, not unlike the The Marauder’s Map in the Harry Potter franchise. Wandering Souls™ also has video ads that pop up after capturing a ghost and these ads obviously remove any and all tension and thus ruin the experience to an extent. There is an option to remove the ads for $0.99, but to utilize the app for free, users will have to settle for a much diminished experience. There are plenty of ghosts to discover as well as places to travel in order to find them, so the replay value is quite good. Overall, Wandering Souls™ is a fun app to use with friends during stormy nights or eerie foggy days and is worth the free download. 


App Pros

App Cons

  • Unique Features
  • Free to Download 
  • Spooky Fun

  • In-app Purchases ($0.99 – $1.99)
  • Ads
  • Choppy Graphics

App Description

Wandering Souls™ – Ghost Hunting Detector Game- Augmented reality just got real with Wandering Souls, our latest ghost hunting app. Wandering Souls was created to see the haunted world all around us. Haunting us in the form of ghost. Wandering Souls will scare the hell out of you and leave you asking yourself “is this a game or not”? The adventure of the Wandering Souls ghost hunting app is fun, addictive and scary all at the same time. It can be played just about anywhere with or without friends. Wandering Souls is a realistic augmented reality game in which the souls(ghost) wander the earth traveling no more than ten miles a day and continue traveling until captured. You will be able to see these souls in the camera on your phone. They will be wandering the entire world traveling through walls, walking on water and coming to your neighborhood. The ghosts can also be tracked and you will be able to see where your ghost as well as other players’ ghost are at any given time. The Wandering Souls horror game is best played with a friend in the darkness of night. Gameplay – The ghost in Wandering souls will show up in your camera after a spirit is detected. Rotate the camera all the way around slowly until you locate the ghost. Just touch the screen to capture the ghost or press the camera icon to take a picture. The soul will show up in the “captured souls” menu selection unless your souls are taken by the grim reaper. Press the capture button to look for more spirits or you can purchase “Raise the Dead” to place your souls on the map where they can start their journey.


  • Historical Ghosts to Find
  • Remove Ads ($0.99)
  • Raise the Dead ($1.99) Option


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Wandering Souls
Wandering Souls
Developer: Scott Brody
Price: Free+



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