Word Smoothie

Word Smoothie

App Apes Verdict
  • Graphics - 10/10
  • Gameplay - 9.5/10
  • Replay Value - 8/10
  • Originality - 8/10
User Rating: 4.7 (3 votes)


Word Smoothie proves itself to be the nourishment dull parties need. A great party game for 4 to 14 players, Word Smoothie provides the fun every party or get-together needs to break the ice. Combining wordplay, acting skills, and even memory, Word Smoothie provides something for most everyone. The game consists of three rounds with two teams. First, players attempt to get their teammates to guess a specific word using descriptions, synonyms, related words, and even inside jokes. Next, using the same words from round 1, players act out the words for their teammates to once again guess. Finally, players must choose wisely a single word to get teammates to guess the secret word which they have heard twice already. Word Smoothie obviously borrows from great party games such as Charades, Password, and Catch Phrase, but presents it all in a fun, new, and engaging way. Users can create their own word lists, but this option requires a $0.99 purchase of the Build Your Own Words pack. Other packs such as Pop Culture and Collage Life are also available for a price. The free base game provides players with both the Word Smoothie Classic phrase pack and the Animal Kingdom pack. While the two free base packs are enough to get started, the words do become too familiar in time to remain fair and interesting, thus the app heavily encourages the purchase of the addition word packs. These optional in-app purchases are, however, a fair trade off for an ad free experience and $0.99 for the Build Your Own Words pack is money well spent. After all, other games cost quite a bit more and this one is free to try and cheap to purchase expansion packs. The graphics are professional and the navigation intuitive. Overall, Word Smoothie a fun party game that is well worth the free download and will likely prove worth the cost of the expansion packs.  


App Pros

App Cons

  • Professional Graphics
  • Engaging Prompts
  • Free to Download 

  • In-app Purchases ($0.99 per word pack or $4.99 for full unlock)
  • Limited Base Words

App Description

Word Smoothie – The party app game you have been waiting for! The app Word Smoothie is a turn-based group game built for playing with friends. It is a fairly simple word-guessing game that you play in person as a group together! There are 3 separate rounds. When you choose one of our curated packs the app will generate a word list based on that theme for your group to play. Each round is different but it uses the same set of words throughout the game. You simply split your group into two separate teams and play against each other! The three rounds are: Round 1: Discripto: The goal is simply to describe the words displayed without saying the actual word, you can use as many words as you’d like! Round 2: Acto: This round you must act out the words to your team – no words or sounds allowed! Round 3: Wordo: You can only use ONE word to help jog your teams memory of the words displayed! The app offers lots of different themed packs to choose from so have fun and play with your friends live in person!


  • Three round types
  • Team play (2 Teams)
  • Unlockable word packs ($0.99 each)
  • Special Deluxe Version Deal (All packs for $4.99)


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Word Smoothie
Word Smoothie
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