KingFish Sports Betting

KingFish Sports Betting

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  • Originality - 7.5/10
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Taking the risk of losing your well earned cash out of gambling—as KingFish does with their KingFish Sports Betting appallows for a less stressful and more fun experience in betting on sports. KingFish Sports Betting, for iOS and Android devices, serves as a great tool for both experienced gamblers and novices alike. Inexperienced sports betters can use the app to better understand how to make sports wagers with the great tutorial and easy navigation of the app. The app has many uses, in fact, including learning to become a better gambler. The app allows players to easily compete with friends, as well as strangers around the world. At a base level, the app serves as a great sports resource. It’s also great for simply having a good time. With a leader board, the incentive to do well on bets remains intact, and this goes double for the friendly competition between friends that the app encourages. Though KingFish Sports Betting is a simulation game that uses virtual currency for wagers, players can potentially win real cash and other prizes every week. While the game does offer in-app purchase of coins, this is not required. Players who bet smart (and with a bit of luck) won’t have to purchase more coins. The app also offers coins for viewing an advertisement. As such, there are no annoying pop up or banner ads and players need only view ads if they desire the reward of free coins to continue betting with. The user interface is crisp and professional. The dark color scheme facilitates longer hours of use without fatigue and tired eyes. The navigation is intuitive and does well to educate those new to the activity. As the app allows wagers on MLB Baseball, MLS Soccer, NCAA Football, NFL Football, NBA Basketball, NCAA Basketball, and NHL Hockey, the app claims a great inexhaustibly score. Players are limited only by the games that are in season. With a leader board and weekly chances to win prizes, KingFish Sports Betting proves to be an app that players will continue coming back to. Overall, KingFish Sports Betting does an excellent job of combining the excitement of betting on sports and the enjoyment of a competitive leader board based game. The free app is well worth a download for both sports betting experts as well as those wanting to get into the hobby. 

App Pros

App Cons

  • Easy to Navigate User Interface
  • All Major U.S. Sports
  • Leader Board
  • Free to Play
  • In-app Purchases ($0.99 – $99.99 per item)
  • Ads (Reward)

App Description

KingFish Sports Betting – We’ve combined the thrill of betting sports with the fun of a competitive leader board based game! KingFish allows betting on all major US sports like a Vegas style Sportsbook. Compete in KingFish’s global leagues to win Cash Prizes each week or create your own private groups and wager with only your Friends. The Free KingFish APP includes all bet types, ( Straight, Teasers, Parlays ) live scores, live odds, live leader boards, and many more features. KingFish, The Sports Betting Game. (Not Real Money). THE REAL DEAL KingFish Sportsbook is destined to be the top Sports Betting Game. Bet on real sports events using virtual currency. (not real gambling) Track your bets and scores with Live updates, betting trends and reports. Compare your betting expertise on global and private Leaderboards. FREE TO PLAY – Kingfish is a social Sportsbook betting app for both Android and Apple. It’s completely free to download and play. Bet on all your favorite sports: NFL, NCAA Football, NBA, MLB, NCAA Basketball, NHL, TENNIS, GOLF, AUTO RACING, and more. BECOME AN EXPERT FOR FREE –  Bet on real sports with real odds as you would in Vegas. With complete stats and reporting to help make the best betting selection. Use it to try betting strategies, compare past betting records, or just have fun betting. LIVE SCORING – Follow your favorite sports with Live scoring. Instantly know the results of your bets with our live scoring feed with your bets highlighted. Check on your bets and sport results at any place, any time! SOCIAL SPORTSBOOK –  Play as a Guest, log in, or use Facebook. Create groups for your friends and compete with them for the ultimate bragging rights. Both global and friends Leaderboards show who’s the best. FREE PRIZES – Real Cash Prizes awarded each week. Every week is a new chance to win! LEADERBOARD –  Compete with ONLY your friends or players across the globe for the ultimate bragging rights. STATS –  Bet History, Wins, Loses, and everything in between. Have full access to complete reports on what would make you a better at SportsBook betting. KingFish is completely free to download and play. Use it to become the best gambler, Use it with your friends for bragging rights, Use it to win prizes, Use it as a sports resource, or just Use it for fun. Regardless Kingfish is one App you have to Use!


  • Win Real Cash and Prizes Each Week
  • Vegas Style Sportsbook with Straight Wagers, Teasers, and Parlays
  • Compete in Global, Public, or Private Groups
  • All Major US Sports, NFL, NCAA Football, NBA, MLB, MLS, NHL
  • Pools run week to week. Each week is a new chance to win
  • Live Streaming Scores, Odds, and Leader Boards
  • Simulation of Real Sportsbook Betting (No Real Money)
  • Always Free to Play
  • In-App Purchases 


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KingFish Sports Betting
KingFish Sports Betting
Developer: KingFish, LLC
Price: Free+
Sports Betting Game
Sports Betting Game
Developer: KingFish
Price: Free+

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