JSVeterans Dev Interview (2017)

JSVeterans Dev Interview (2017)

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How did your team come together and who does what for the company?

We are all US Army veterans that served together and all have a passion for games and game design. There are 2 official members and a couple other who help out. But Star Kinesis, our new title was created by 1 member, me. I, Gaspar am the lead developer/designer. Dave N. assists in media, refinement and financial matters. Shaun B helps with other ways from concepts to presentation. We are small but determined.


How many games have you worked on so far? Who is your target audience?

We have created 1 game and 1 educational app (Sol System-Humanity’s exploration of our universe). The educational app is the only one we plan to retain since our ‘re-branding’, its relevant to our universe. Our goal is to create a dynamic mobile/desktop game that is complex and has high risk/reward multiplayer systems. Being a big fan myself, people who play Eve Online will be our focus. But we designed the game to be easy to grasp and hard to master to be appealing for all SciFi fans.

Tell us a little about the projects you are most proud of.

Star Kinesis is our current project and first chapter in our universe, the V-Verse. A somewhat bleak future caused by greed with humanity on a cliff ledge. In Star Kinesis you play as a commander remotely controlling massive Modular Multi-role Carriers (MMC’s) to impose your influence throughout the solar system. These carriers can be outfitted in countless ways. The maps are PvPvE except when playing the story line missions. Everything is split between the 2 factions, Corporate and Military.

What inspired the art and story direction for your current project and/or previous projects? What indie games are you playing now, have you found inspiration from, or do you simply admire?

Real life experiences as a soldier, being a war veteran I’ve had first hand experience with our technology. I have envisioned a direction in which warfare and societal trends go in and made a game about it. There are so many influencing areas for graphics and style its tough to comprise a list. But from an artistic view, most influence comes from shows like Babylon 5 and BSG. But games like FTL inspired me from a game replay value.

What inspired you to become indie game developers?

I spent 10 years in the Army, 3 of which overseas and was medically discharged due to injuries sustained in Iraq. I quickly realized I was unable to work a 9-5 job so decided to go back to school and follow a passion I’ve had since I was 11 years old. And here we are!


What is the most rewarding aspect of being an indie developer? What challenges do you have to face? Do you have any tips for new indie developers?

We have made so many missteps over the years but we learned from all of them. From media marketing to deadline management. Money is the biggest hurtle as I live on a fixed budget and cant afford to just pay for any marketing and pay a staff…. yet. As for advice, make something your proud of and stay true to your original goal. Its easy to deviate from when you started.

Which game development tools are you using?

Star kinesis is made with Unity 4.6 and several dozen addons. Including visual programming systems like Playmaker (thats how 1 person can make this game). Then modeling tools like Maya, cinema 4D and Zbrush. Lastly Photoshop/illustrator/Audition/Premiere.

What’s next for your company? What’s the name of your current game project and what is it about?

Star Kinesis is step 1 for the V-Verse. Within the next year we will expand SK with additional factions, new objectives and an extended story. Then its on to volume 2. This entails the use of the same account, retaining many stats the player earned in SK. Plus an intertwined PvP system between both the games. In essence, 2+ games will play on different layers in a battlefield. Then expand on this idea as time goes on.

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