ChibiZ – Chibi Maker

ChibiZ – Chibi Maker

App Apes Verdict
  • User Interface - 8/10
  • Functionality - 8/10
  • Inexhaustibilty - 9/10
  • Originality - 5/10
User Rating: 3.0 (1 votes)

App Pros

App Cons

  • Cute Graphics
  • Piratical Tool for Chibi Avatar Production
  • Free to Play
  • Long load time on some of selections
  • Unoriginal
  • Pets are Pokemon
  • Ads and In-App Purchases 

 App Description

ChibiZ – ChibiZ – Chibi Maker is a super cute game for boys and girls, where you become a stylish fashion designer and create a complete new look for little anime chibi characters. Change their clothes, hairdo, choose accessories and sex and share your design via twitter, whatsupp, telegram, kik, facebook, line, wechat, kakao, instagram, vkontakte, skype and other messenger tools. BOTH FOR GIRLS AND BOYS – Chibi Maker – free design app and powerful chibi machine. Customize your chibi – add new life to avatars creating process! Choose totally free items from a catalogue and enjoy fabulous stilettos, high end designer clothes, snazzy accessories and glamorous hair. MILLIONS OF POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS. In the Chibi Maker game you’ll play many roles – beautician, makeup artist, acting teacher and even a plastic surgeon. Mix and match a selection of clothes, colors and accessories into one awesome fantasy anime person. Shop til you drop! PURE CREATIVITY UNLOCKED. Select hairstyles, clothes and accessories or let it go and shuffle for random results to correct them as you like. Chibi Maker offers a wide range of customisation options for every part of your chibi character – make a replica of your friends, yourself or your total opposite. Whole new world of creating and design at your fingertips! ChibiZ – Chibi Maker game contains lots of fancy and cute stickers like:: Skins: animal, different colors; Face: eyes, eyebrows, mouths, facial, feature; Accessories: glasses, monocle, wings, horns, tails, magic sticks & wands, bunny ears, hats, bands, jewelry, eyepatches, ties, collars, piercing, scars, birthmarks; Hairstyles and haircuts; Clothes: bra, underware, jackets, t-shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, socks & stockings, sweaters, leggins; Shoes: boots, sneakers, flats, slippers. Pets; Beautiful background.


  • Lots of Facial Features
  • Lots of Clothes and Accesories
  • In-App Purchases (More items and to Remove Ads)
  • Save Feature
  • Share your designs


Download ChibiZ – Chibi Maker

ChibiZ - Chibi Maker
ChibiZ - Chibi Maker
Developer: Sonzero
Price: Free+

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