804 Game Studios Dev Interview (2017)

804 Game Studios Dev Interview (2017)

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How did your team come together and who does what for the company?

It all started with an idea… Over some Buffalo Wild Wings in Richmond, Virginia, USA, avid gamers and friends Dave Evans, Mark Woehler, Chris and his brother Jon Nace, along with Tom Hughes decided that they wanted something more. It started with modding some popular games they played in order to play them how they wanted to and to include extra functionality that they thought where enjoyable. Then after some time, their idea evolved into something greater. About a year and a half later, 804 Game Studios LLC was founded under the premise of creating entirely new titles. Developed by gamers, for gamers. Games that are fun to play, but difficult to master. Their mobile game (set to release July 2017) “SHOOTY TROOPS™” was the brainchild of Dave Evans and is the first title released from 804 Game Studios.


How many games have you worked on so far? Who is your target audience?

SHOOTY TROOPS™is our first title to be released in 2017, but we have several others in the early stages of development. Our target audience is anyone. That may sound cliche, but if they enjoy shooting games that don’t take themselves too seriously, or bug you after so many minutes to remind you that you need to play, then SHOOTY TROOPS™is for them. It’s an intense twin-stick shooter designed to be picked up and put down…sometimes just as quick.

Tell us a little about the projects you are most proud of.

SHOOTY TROOPS™by far is the title we are most proud of thus far. We have been consistently in the top 20 of SlideDB’s most popular apps and just hit a personal milestone and hit #1. It’s been very successful with our closed alpha and closed beta testers and is currently in open beta for this weekend. A lot of sweat equity has gone into it and we feel that it is a good title to be 804’s first release.

Developer: 804 Game Studios
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What inspired the art and story direction for your current project and/or previous projects? What indie games are you playing now, have you found inspiration from, or do you simply admire?

Voxel is where it’s at for mobile at the moment. We jumped on that as it’s easy to create with new developers. We took inspiration from Crossy Roads on how to use non-invasive advertising in the game as well. Being able to not bombard the players with ads all the time will keep them playing the game.

What inspired you to become indie game developers?

“Why not us?” We have played countless games in countless genres and got tired of saying to each other, “Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a game that did this, or that?” So, we started working on this project in hopes that we could leave our full time jobs and focus on developing games for a living. After all, if you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.


What is the most rewarding aspect of being an indie developer? What challenges do you have to face? Do you have any tips for new indie developers?

The most rewarding aspect would be how my kids talk about what I do. I have been in multiple different careers in my life and they light up when they show their friend what games I’ve developed. The challenges that we face as indie developers is that there are so many indie developers. So many games are released each year to iOS, Android, Steam, etc. that it makes it extremely difficult to stand out. Some tips that I would say is to see what happens to us, learn from our successes and failures and apply that when you start up. It’s all unfamiliar territory until the first one is under your belt.

Which game development tools are you using?

Currently we are using Unity3D, Blender and Photoshop for SHOOTY TROOPS™. We aren’t counting out Unreal or other engines for future projects and have been keeping on schedule with Trello boards.

What’s next for your company? What’s the name of your current game project and what is it about?

What’s next for the company will depend on how the release of SHOOTY TROOPS™goes in July 2017. If we are successful, then we will be able to work full time on some other projects we have in the pipeline.

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Developer: 804 Game Studios
Price: Free



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