Pronto! by Privates

Pronto! by Privates

Pronto! by Privates Review

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  • User Interface - 9/10
  • Functionality - 9/10
  • Inexhaustibility - 10/10
  • Originality - 7/10
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Pronto! by Privates opens up the concept of expiring messages to the cross platform world. Unlike similar apps such as Snap Chat that require both sender and receiver to have accounts and the app installed, Pronto! allows people to receive messages even if they do not have the app installed. This is done with a link system that sends receivers a clickable Pronto link that they simply need to open while they have access to the internet. Users can send messages, images, and videos via email, text message, or even by way of other apps and platforms such as Skype and Twitter. These messages, videos, and pictures can be timed to expire after being open for 5 or 10 seconds, or after 24 hours. So while the Pronto! app lacks originality overall, it does offer some original services. On top of this, while similar apps require sender and receiver to be linked as “friends” Pronto! does not limit users and allows even acquaintances and strangers to communicate and thus opens up the possibility of making new friendships with the use of expiring photos, messages, and videos. The user interface of Pronto! by Privates is crisp and professional. The navigation is intuitive and, in fact, easy to use and understand. Functionality is good with the app as well. Pronto! is responsive and even offers a “Recall” option for messages that were sent by mistake. Users simply need to tap the panic button titled “Recall” to withdraw the link before the receiver can see it. This feature, as well as the encryption the app offers, provides users with a sense of security. The app’s inexhaustibility rating is high as well given the fact that it is governed only by the number of messages a user wishes to send. There are limits as far as no filters to customize photos, but the app does offer a drawing tool that can be fun to use in altering the photos. Overall, Pronto! is fun and useful tool for communicating in the digital age with security measures built in.

App Pros

App Cons

  • Can Send to Those Who Don’t Have the App
  • Cross Platform Support
  • Free to Use
  • Largely Unoriginal


App Description

Pronto! by Privates ReviewPronto! by Privates – Send disappearing messages to anyone using your favorite messaging app….whatsapp, sms, WeChat, viber…most important they do not need to have the app to view your message secure message. For added security just add screenshot protection. So whats so different from this self-destructing app from all the others out there you ask? Chat anonymously, With screenshot Protection Enabled! Chat more Care less , With pronto its now Possible! We are always working on getting you more features , So Stay Tuned! Instantly chat with others, All just a tap away! Pronto! works on an agnostic platform, meaning only you need to have the app. You can send a Pronto! message using any app you normally use to communicate with your friends. Compose a message with Pronto! App, or Pronto! for iMessage and your text pictures or videos are secure. Most important if you sent the message in error all you have to do is recall the message before your friends open it. Pronto! is a next-generation secure messaging app that protects your private messages even after they’ve been read! Industrial-strength encryption keeps hackers out, while patented screenshot protection keeps recipients from making and sharing unauthorized copies. You can choose how quickly messages self-destruct. 24 HOUR STORY FEATURE Create a pronto that lasts 24h and share the link to all your friends, post on your favorite social media sites, and monitor how many views your pronto has, at the push of a button you can always recall it. KEEP YOUR MESSAGES SAFE. Screenshot prevention mechanisms prevent recipients from forwarding, copying or saving your messages. SENT SOMETHING BY MISTAKE? Recall any sent message with the touch of a button! KEEP IN TOUCH WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY! Send photo, video, or text messages. Draw and write on photos to get your point across. PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY HIPAA-compliant – doctors and medical staff can securely exchange patient information. Complies with ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct – Confidentiality of Information, Rule 1.6 (c) Our strict privacy policy prevents your data from being misused.




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Pronto! Secret Messages, Photo
Pronto! Secret Messages, Photo
Developer: RXN.LLC
Price: Free

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