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App Apes Verdict
  • Graphics - 9.5/10
  • Gameplay - 8.5/10
  • Replay Value - 9/10
  • Originality - 7/10
User Rating: 4.7 (3 votes)


iPal Baby makes babysitting fun and convenient with the nostalgic feel of Tamagachi meets The Sims. The iOS game is based on keeping a digital baby fed, well rested, and happy. Users can purchase toys, clothes, food, and furniture for their digital baby. iPal Baby can help satisfy any desire those who enjoy taking care of children, pets, or even dolls might have. The game offers a safe, causal substitute for those wanting insight into parenthood and a more interactive way of playing mommy or daddy (or in this case, babysitter) than traditional dolls tend to offer. The graphics in iPal Baby are professional and cohesive. With several crisp and colorful rooms to explore and a nice user interface, iPal Baby is easy on the eyes. Ads are sparse. Small banner ads appear when playing mini-games for in-game currency and an occasional video ads pops up, but these are far from intrusive. The navigation is intuitive and and with an in-game tutorial the game play is easy to pick up. Overall, game play is enjoyable, but there tends to be lulls in the engagement in which users might lose interest long before the digital baby gets bored and destroys his of her third Rubik cube. However, there is plenty to do. With several rooms to explore and decorate, mini games to master, accessories to purchase, and several babies to choose from, iPal Baby offers a lot of replay value. Items unlock after a certain level and with a certain number of baby coins that can be earned playing mini games or purchased from the in-app shop. While the game borrows heavily from similar games, it does little to set itself apart. The game is largely unoriginal, which stands as it’s greatest fault. Nevertheless, this may be appealing to those who enjoy Tamagachi, The Sims, and babysitting. Some players like predictability. Despite this, there are some interesting quirks that we’ll leave for users to discover. Overall, iPal Baby is a fun app with good replay value and is well worth the free download and occasional ad.  

App Pros

App Cons

  • Lots to Do (Mini Games, Decorating, Babysitting)
  • Unlockables (Clothes, Furniture, more!)
  • Free to Play
  • Largely Unoriginal
  • Ads (Sparse) / In-app Purchases (Optional)


App Description

iPal Baby ReviewiPal Baby – a new app, which uses the same ideas as the old Tamagotchi game, where you take care of a cute baby instead of an unknown pet. Six beautiful characters are waiting for you. Choose any character, set up a name for him or her and get started. A short training provides more information on how to play and then hop on board for an exciting game. Watch the baby! Observe his/her health and happiness indicators, do not let them fall. Take care of them! Your child needs your attention. Feed him, change their diaper, buy new toys and play together. Watch the child and his pranks! Give the baby freedom of choice, but don’t forget about possible injuries. Have fun with the baby! Buy more toys! Complete numerous quests! Gain experience and receive game currency – BabyCoins – for each task. Be stylish! Choose clothes, shoes and accessories. Let your baby be the most fashionable. Decorate locations to your taste! Be an interior designer. Play mini-games and earn BabyCoins! Train your memory by playing “Cookies.” Check your reaction – send the child into space to collect the stars.


  • 6 babies to choose from
  • Clothes, shoes and accessories to unlock
  • Mini Games
  • Toys and Furniture to unlock
  • Quests to complete


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