PhotoPhonic Review

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  • User Interface - 4/10
  • Functionality - 8/10
  • Inexhaustibility - 9/10
  • Originality - 6.5/10
User Rating: 4.0 (1 votes)


The apt and clever name PhotoPhonic delivers on its promises. While the program is far from being the Photoshop it hints at in its app store description, it does offer a decent collection of filters for photos from basic colors, to Vintage and Black & White, to more interesting filters such as X-ray and Thermal. The main thing the app offers though is the voice command feature. Responsive and user friendly, the voice commands react almost instantly and with very few issues. The user interface has some nice assets including the icons (Microphone, Search, Save, etc.) but these clash with the other components. In other words it’s not exactly pretty, but it does behind the camera work, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Functionality wise, PhotoPhonic delivers what it promises. The speech navigation and operation is responsive. If tapping (which this app can also do) is too much for a user or in fact impossible for a user, this app might serve them well.  PhotoPhonic has a high inexhaustibly rating as its continued use is dictated only by the number of photos a user needs to edit and their patience with using voice commands to do so. The concept of photo editing is largely unoriginal with several social media programs having filters built in, but as an offline photo editor and one that utilizes voice commands, PhotoPhonic is somewhat original. Overall, if the filters displayed in the app’s promo images are to your liking, it may be worthwhile to have an offline novelty photo editor that can be used hands free. 

App Pros

App Cons

  • Novel Voice Command Idea
  • Functions Well
  • No Ads
  • Up Front Cost ($0.99)
  • Not Photoshop (Few Filters)

App Description

PhotoPhonic ReviewPhotoPhonic – an app that bring users a speech-recognition controlled experience in applying photo filters. User need not even press on the screen. They simply need to speak out the name of their filter of choice and the chosen photo gets a new look instantly! PhotoPhonic utilizes some new filters that iOS 10 has to offer such as Thermal and Xray, as well as single-color filters that converts all pixels to a red / blue / green/ yellow range. Classic filters can also be found in PhotoPhonic, such as Black & White, Vintage, Poster, Intense, and Expose. The app makes it possible to apply multiple filters provided users have saved in between application of the filters. The user’s voice can control many actions within the application, not just photo editing. For example, user’s can use voice commands to search for a picture, save a project, browse the photo library and open other screens. All simply by uttering the correct word. Users can also choose to tap rather than speak – PhotoPhonic supports touch-screen taping for all actions. Please note that PhotoPhonic requires iOS 10.0 and above to work correctly – Devices supported are 5 and above. Credits per Ethan Halprin: App Store Screen Shots Photo of girl by izusek from istockphoto. Icons In App Microphone icon by Debashis Howlader from iconfinder. Magnify search icon, book guidelines icon, hand icon and download folder icon by Crumbs + Pixels from iconfinder. Developed, Designed, and Published by Ethan Halprin.


  • $0.99 Up-Front Cost
  • No Ads
  • Voice Commands
  • Directions Page
  • Several Photo Filters

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Developer: Ethan Halprin
Price: Free

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