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Perhaps you’ve heard of TSC Music? If not, you may be the one who needs it the most. This free app helps prevent hearing loss, which is becoming a bigger and bigger issue in modern times with the introduction of head phones and ear buds and easy accessibility to a wide range of enjoyable music. Some people blast music on high, others may be just a tiny bit over the damaging threshold. It can be difficult to tell damage is occurring if you don’t go so far as to painfully pop an eardrum. With TSC Music; however, comes peace of mind, as with the app comes precision tuning, custom volume controls,  and facts via graphs that can help protect listeners.  On top of this, the app may help repair damage previously done to hearing and promote healthier ears overall, as well as a more enjoyable listening experience with the Active EQ (equalizer) feature. Hear this: sunglasses are accepted protection for eyes and this app may just prove to serve in that capacity for a sense just as important as sight.

The app’s user interface is professional, sleek, and makes navigating easy. The graphs are easy to read and helpful in providing information about hearing ability and progress. Tuning levers are easy to adjust and the app appears to be ad free, making the user experience a peaceful and enjoyable one. The app functions well as a way to prevent future hearing loss, but also doubles as a hearing conditioner that may help promote healthier ears and even improve hearing ability. This is accomplished with the app’s Threshold Sound Conditioning technology and applies to each ear separately as hearing loss can be more substantial in one ear over the other. Furthermore, the app can integrate with Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube to allow users to listen to their music while utilized the features of the app at the same time.

Overall, the app has very few issues and the pros far outweigh any cons. The app is free and ad free, so really users have nothing to lose by giving the app a try. In fact, users may just come to find using the app improves their hearing.

App Pros

App Cons

  • Helps Prevent Hearing Loss / Promotes Healthier Ears
  • Details Useful Information in Graph Form
  • Sleek, Professional UI (User Interface)
  • Can Connect to Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube
  • Might Have to Log in Several Times
  • Headphones / Ear Buds Must Be Used

App Description

TSC Music ReviewTSC Music – Listen to music with perfectly adjusted sound that suits both the left and right ear separately. Each person has a unique hearing and needs proper care and that’s where TSC Music comes in. TSC Music maintains the right balance with enhanced Threshold Sound Conditioning Technology. With TSC Music on your mobile device, you can listen to your favorite music all the time without worrying about your hearing ability! TSC Music prevents hearing loss with TSC customized sound signals and prevents it from degrading. TSC Music is the first music application to monitor individual hearing condition with interactive graphical charts. The graphical interactive charts shows the most important information like Progress, Time used, Best and Worst INDEX, etc needed to monitor your hearing status. The app helps improve hearing ability based on hearing status and balances from the equalizer for the sound of the music. The app equalizes to the perfect sound level based on current hearing ability of both the left and right ear.


  • Equalizes to perfect sound with Active EQ
  • Generates interactive graphs that detail hearing status and auditory condition
  • Improves hearing ability with Threshold Sound Conditioning technology
  • Adjusts sound according to hearing condition of each ear separately
  • Option to Integrate with YouTube and SoundCloud
  • Download the free app and integrate it with other music apps, such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify and get to enjoying unlimited music safely.
  • Get the app and never hesitate to listen to your favorite music again


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