Super Bounce Ball Maze

Super Bounce Ball Maze

Super Bounce Ball Maze Review

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  • Graphics - 6/10
  • Gameplay - 9/10
  • Replay Value - 8/10
  • Originality - 5/10
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Falling in a pit of spikes can be a real pain, but so can boredom. Given the choice between the two, the choice is clear: the pit of spikes. Digital spikes, that is. These spikes can be found in the difficult-to-master iOS, Android, and Windows Phone app, Super Bounce Ball Maze. Super Bounce Ball Maze has the challenge players need to slay boredom and can be picked up and put down at anytime leaving the game casual, which is apt given the company responsible for the game’s creation is The controls are simple and even intuitive, but there is the challenge of not having a jump feature. Players must rely on momentum, timing, and objects in the environment to defy gravity and pass dangerous obstacles.

The graphics in Super Bounce Ball Maze are minimalistic in nature, with the platforms appearing in silhouetted black on a white-grey gradient background. The dangerous aspects of each level are red and this makes it immediately clear what needs to be avoided. This, the tan crates found on some levels, and the expressive yellow ball add a nice hint of color to the black and white world. While this minimalism works overall, some assets in the game clash a little with the rest. For example, the Home, Pause, and Back buttons tend to stand out more the more important aspects of the game and the spike ball cannons tend to appear a bit pixelated, as do platforms that are slanted. These buttons can serve to distract the player. However, while ads can typically distract as well, Super Bounce Ball Maze handles banner ads quite well by having them disappear during game play; however, the full page video ads can become obnoxious. The game is free and thus supported by ads, but they do not impact the actual game play, which is a common issue with similar ad supported games that utilize the banner ad format.

The game play is casual but challenging. The early levels provide a sort of simply tutorial with hints and suggestions. A star collection system adds a greater level of challenge, as the stars are typically out of the way and require more skill and patience to acquire than simply racing to the end flag of each level. The game currently offers more than thirty-six  levels with indications that additional levels are in development. While the puzzle-platformer is by no means novel, this game does provide the unique challenge of not having a jump option. The game also provides some unique levels, such as a ghost castle level. The game can be played several times over with the star collection system as well as achievements to be unlocked. There are different balls to unlock with stars, as well (Devil, Santa, cat, etc.) On top of this, as mentioned, it is indicated that levels are continually added.

Overall, Super Bounce Ball Maze is a graphically simple, challenging game for the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms as well as the Windows OS. It provides casual way to kill some time by trying to keep an expressive ball from an untimely death. If you enjoy challenging platformers, this one is well worth a try.

App Pros

App Cons

  • Challenging Gameplay
  • On All Mobile Platforms (Android, Apple, and Windows, PC)
  • Free to Play
  • Many Ads
  • Limited Number of Levels (Growing)

App Description

superbounceballmazeSuper Bounce Ball Maze – a challenging game that serves as a mix between old school platformers and brain stimulating puzzle challenges. The game might seem straightforward, but there is a catch! Super Bounce Ball Maze has no jump button, so players have to use brains and quick thinking to solve each level. Controls are simple and intuitive and the game provides hints in the early levels as a sort of tutorial, yet the level layouts leave the game plenty challenging. Simply push left to roll left, and push right to roll right. Use the environment to get the smiling bouncy ball to the finish line in a timely manner. Collect stars for extra points and strive to unlock the included achievements.

Do you have the brain, skills, and determination to complete all the levels? Super Bounce Ball Maze is suitable for all ages (children, teenagers, adults and even your grandparents!) TRY IT NOW if you’re up to the challenge! But be ware of the Red Ball & red squares and spikes. They are not your friends!


  • 36+ levels
  • Intuitive controls
  • Challenging 2D Gameplay
  • Physics based gameplay
  • Classic retro style
  • Puzzle-platform game for all ages

Gameplay Video

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Super Bounce Ball Maze
Super Bounce Ball Maze
Price: Free+
Super Bounce Ball Maze
Super Bounce Ball Maze
Price: Free+
Super Bounce Ball Maze
Super Bounce Ball Maze
Developer: Casual Games FK AB
Price: Free+


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