Chestnut Clicker

Chestnut Clicker

Chestnut Clicker Review

App Apes Verdict
  • Graphics - 10/10
  • Gameplay - 8.5/10
  • Replay Value - 8.5/10
  • Originality - 8/10
User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)

Legion of Summons

App Cons

  • Cute Graphics
  • Unique Twist of Clicker Genre
  • Upgrades
  • Free to Download
  • In-App Purchases ($0.99 – 69.99)
  • Grows Repetitive

App Description

Chestnut Clicker Review炒栗栗子 – Chestnut Clicker – One cart, one wok, one shovel, and an outstanding worker. Build a shiny story of your own about chestnut.Fry 100% with your true heart and your touching taps are gonna summon everyone of the chestnut family.Your durable taps and perseverance certainly bring you returns. More business, more money and just enjoy the envious sights of others.Create your legendary chestnut story. Start from scratch, run your chestnut stall, make money and collect all levels of chestnut. Unlock up to a hundred different chestnuts and fill up your collection. Create Chestnut Legend With Absolute Perseverance and Durable Taps! Chestnut Clicker is a newly released mobile game developed by Giant Bear Technology, a team of 6 indie developer in Hong Kong. Frying chestnut has been a historical snack in Asia especially in Hong Kong, but it is more and more rare in recent years due to the potential danger of the kerosene stove they use. The aroma will probably be what left in peoples’ mind a few years later. Clicker game is a popular gameplay in western countries and usually the purpose of clicking is to get your screen filled up with tones of rewards, the satisfaction. The team has changed this a bit to a collection of up to a hundred chestnuts and each of them has an unique and adorable appearance. By upgrading your tools for regular income, and clicking if you want to wait, these chestnuts will pop up in your wok. Pay attention to the thief too because he’s always up to no good and will come pay you a visit several times a day. Some other features of the game include:


  • Unlock up to a hundred different chestnuts and fill up your collection
  • Replicable tool and style. Be different and unique
  • Be Aware of the thieves or you may suffer a big loss
  • Get a lucky draw at the tree to speed up your career
  • Challenge your tapping durability with friends, and share your collection.

Demo Video

Download 炒栗栗子 – Chestnut Clicker

炒栗栗子 - Chestnut Clicker
炒栗栗子 - Chestnut Clicker


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