Felipe Femur & Friends

Felipe Femur & Friends

Felipe Femur & Friends Review

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  • User Interface - 10/10
  • Functionality - 9.5/10
  • Inexhautibilty - 9/10
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The team that brought us Present Danger, Felipe Femur: Bedtime Story, Halloween Campfire Stories, Gummy’s Thanksgiving Feast, Digital Dreidel, as well as Rock, Paper, Wizards!, ZebraFox Games, delivers with a new all encompassing app: Felipe Femur & Friends. Felipe Femur & Friends is less of a game and more of an interactive and fun hub to connect easily to the previously mentioned games, new mini games, and crafts that are hosted on the Felipe Femur website.

Overall, the user interface is excellent, easy to read, and responsive. Each character is well designed, and beautifully illustrated. Even when the chat dialogue is brought up and the chracter profile is enlarged, the lines and colors remain crisp. The app is professionally done and the art of it is perhaps the best of all. It’s interesting to see the evolution of Felipe Femur and his gang of of monster buddies from the original games to Felipe Femur and Friends, as well as through out the other games between those to that utilize the same children’s game characters. It’s nice to finally hear the character voices as well.

Functionally, the game/application is easy to use. Clicking a house brings up bios, links to crafts and activities, as well as super simple mini games for each character. The games offer little challenge which is perhaps the only minor fault in the app, thought, then again, this is designed from children, so with the characters shouting encouragement, perhaps it’s meant to be less about the challenge and more about the feel good feeling that the application brings.  There is good replay value as there is lots to do and see, and also more to come with new characters easily plugged in with their our residences and mini games.

Overall, Felipe Femur & Friends is an engaging and convenient application, with professional artwork and user interface. The app is certainly worth a download and will likely consume quite a few of players’ free hours if they give the recipes, crafts, mini games, and dialogue options a try.

App Pros

App Cons

  • Responsive Mechanics
  • Crisp, Cohesive Graphics
  • Lots to Do – Great for Kids
  • Free
  •  Mini games Very Easy

App Description


Felipe Femur & Friends – In Felipe Femur & Friends,  players can unearth amusing new friends. They can learn about Felipe Femur the skeleton with a lot of heart, Gummy the toothless werewolf, Sunny the sun-loving vampire, and many more interesting characters. Players can take a look around the spooky neighborhood to find Felipe Femur’s closet home, an eerie swamp hut, a witch’s grotto, and so much more. By visiting each character’s home, players can get to know the characters through fun dialogue options, play games hosted by each monster, and discover fun crafts and food to make. Players can visit anytime they’d like! The app offers users of all ages a glimpse into Felipe Femur the Skeleton’s neighborhood, circle of friends, house, and even his noggin. The app serves as a meet-and-greet for several characters, as a to link hub to several mini games, crafts, stories, and other fun activities on the related website: www.felipefemur.com.


  • 8 Mini Games to Play
  • 9 Friends to Meet (and More to Come)
  • Character Bios to Read
  • Free to Download and Use
  • Interactive conversations
  • Links to Crafts and Activities
  • Links to Other Free Felipe Femur Games
  • Talking Characters

Demo Video

Download Present Danger

Felipe Femur: Halloween Town
Felipe Femur: Halloween Town

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