East Town RPG

East Town RPG

East Town RPG Review

App Apes Verdict
  • Graphics - 8.5/10
  • Gameplay - 8.5/10
  • Replay Value - 9/10
  • Originality - 7/10
User Rating: 5.0 (1 votes)

Sword Of Xolan

App Cons

  • Well Executed Pixel Graphics
  • Variety of Enemies
  • Unlockable Locations, Weapons, Mercenaries, etc.
  • Free to Play / No Ads
  • Grows Repetitive (Clicker)
  • In-app Purchases (Not Necessary to Succeed)

App Description

East Town RPGEast Town RPG – March 2018, the world is over by an epidemic. An exciting RPG placed in a world taken by the zombies. Fight your last war in this precious stone between the free games, choosing between four characters. Choose your weapon, character and way to reach the last guardian; smash him and put the word ‘over’ to this nightmare. The modern combat and the simple war system, are the secret of this free RPG. Become the last survivor of this damned and dark world. FREE RPG – NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED. Doctors are working in the underground to contain this zombies epidemic. Who will arrive first, you or them? Fight with your weapon and begin an epic battle. This war has a long way to go, despite what anyone says. Stop searching between the games: you found the craziest of the RPG games, with plenty of action and an amazing modern combat. Discover 4 different finals, one for each character, and discover the reason of their journey to East Town. TOP ONE OF THE RPG GAMES! Like us on Facebook and your real photo could be used for one of the zombies in our next East Town RPG 2. Isn’t it the best among the prizes? Between the 19 weapons at your disposal, we can mention AK-47, M4, Mini Uzi and Gatling Gun. You must combat, earn money and discover the nightmare behind this game of war. Put the word end to this epidemic. A GREAT EXPERIENCE / JOIN THE BATTLE!


  • No level caps – Raise your level and become invincible.
  • Over 19 weapons to choose and use against the enemies.
  • Send mercenaries to war and get prizes and money.
  • 4 characters and 4 different ends for the best RPG.
  • More than 40 zombies to fight along East Town.
  • Many stats, like the total amount of zombies smashed.
  • 14 levels and a final boss to fight in this free game.

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