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Crazy Road

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  • Graphics - 9/10
  • Gameplay - 8/10
  • Replay Value - 9/10
  • Originality - 6/10
User Rating: 3.0 (4 votes)

App Pros

App Cons

  • Crisp, Cohesive Graphics
  • Challenging Gameplay
  • Free
  • Unoriginal

App Description

Crazy Road ReviewCrazy Road – Occupy the road! Take crazy driving on endless road! Swipe left, right and jump! Collect coins to play gatcha and unlock new cars! Puzzle piece can get you special upgraded car! Be a best racer in the world! Crazy Road, as the name suggests- is a very crazy game about dodging not only cars, trucks, and taxis, but also rockets and swerving police vehicles. The style of gameplay can be likened to other games such as Temple Run and such due to the similarities on their gameplay but with the focus on dodging instead of collecting.Gameplay: Upon launching the game, the player is immediately greeted to a colorful and very straightforward tutorial. Players are taught the basics on how to dodge, how to jump, how to collect coins, and heck! even dodge a missile. After the tutorial the main title screen is shown. The game itself is fun and agitating sometimes because the car you’re controlling (or whoever is driving it) is fast- I mean VERY fast. This mechanic of your car being the fastest can lead to easily bumping to another vehicle, which can either challenge the avid gamer or discourage ones who hate to lose. You start the game with 10,000 coins, and you can collect more coins while playing the game. These coins can be used to “Upgrade” your main car, but there are other vehicles that can be unlocked. The selection of different playable characters are a lot, there are; bikes, motorcycles, superheroes, and a pirate ship- yes, a pirate ship.Too Much Craziness? Despite the game’s fun and exciting gameplay, the craziness can sometimes be too much even for hardcore gamers. Reason being is that dying in the game means starting over, and the police cars can and will surprise you because of its unpredictable nature (which is very unforgiving). You can jump over cars but most of the time the place you’ll land on has either another vehicle or a police car suddenly swerving your way, which can feel very unfair. Conclusion: However, even with all that craziness, Crazy Road is definitely a must have for any Android users out there. Not only can it be a great pass time specially if you’re waiting for someone, but it can also serve as a competitive game to share with friends- aiming to have the highest score among the rest or competing to have more characters unlocked.Who knows? This game just might be the next viral sensation.


  • Upgradable Units
  • Lots of Vehicles
  • Several Track Themes
  • Collectible Coins
  • Tutorial


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