DodgeBawl Online: Be Dodgeball

DodgeBawl Online: Be Dodgeball

DodgeBawl Online: Be Dodgeball App Review

App Apes Verdict
  • Graphics - 9/10
  • Gameplay - 6.5/10
  • Replay Value - 5.5/10
  • Originality - 9/10
User Rating: 4.3 (3 votes)

App Pros

App Cons

  • Great Graphics
  • Practice Mode
  • Unlockable Characters, Clothes, and Boosts
  • Free to Download
  • Large File Size
  • Clunky Mechanics
  • Very Few Players Online
  • In-App Purchases


App Description

DodgeBawl Online: Be Dodgeball App ReviewA WORLDWIDE GAME – Do you know Dodgeball ? Does it bring you back any childhood memories? Cool! Join the other Dodgers & be part of the DodgeBawl Online universe! Play with Dodgers around the world, friends, family, even your pet in this online Dodgeball game with a comics style and punchy music! Up to 6 on the field, play in real time in a wild rhythm game : dodge, anticipate & swipe to shoot ! You got hit by a ball ? RPG style, you have HPs so keep going ! Give your best with your teammates and friends then throw balls at your opponents to defeat them ! Play Dodgeball like never before and become the number one of the Dodgers in the world ! A MAGICAL UNIVERSE – Choose your favorite character among 8 available which fits with your game style and your temper ! Each one has his own characteristic and particularly … a hidden special power ! Enjoy a beautiful 2D universe and play on unique and colorful fields ! Who are you going to be ? BRING YOUR FRIENDS – Play a game and challenge Dodgers from all around the world in only few seconds. Create a private game, invite your friends and just like the Dodgeball, show them who’s the best on the field ! Learn how to play as a team and develop strategies to defeat your opponents ! Do not waste another second, come and download DBO!  DBO is a free-to-play game, however, different items in our shop will enhance your gaming experience: Boosts, New clothes for your favorites characters, Exclusive characters. DBO is also a multitouch game: use the joystick to dodge the balls & swipe to shoot ! All of this will help you to find the gameplay that fits you and make you the best of Dodgers of all time.

Gameplay Video

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  • OnePunchMan

    Best dodgeball game ! this is supa cool, I could tried playing 6 players battle and its very fun !! The game is new but I hope people will come quick! Recommend.

  • FunCky COyot

    This an exceptionnal game ! I’ve never seen a game like this .Dodgebawl is the best game ever made. I like the mode survivor beacause I can play alone and I have the possibility to play online with the world and the friends who meet on the appli or in my entourage.
    It’s a fantastic game and a great innovation !

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