No Proper Thief

No Proper Thief

No Proper Thief Review

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  • Graphics - 9/10
  • Gameplay - 9/10
  • Replay Value - 9/10
  • Originality - 10/10
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No Proper Thief is the latest addition to the Hosted Games library, an off shoot of the Choice of Games brand of gamebooks. Written by the author of the 2014 Ahhhhhhhh-pp Apes Halloween Contest User Choice app, Halloween Campfire Stories, it follows the character Rooster as he takes part in a bank heist. Players make a series of choices that effect both  a set of stats and the outcome and direction of the story. There are several ends, including three strange insanity endings that are hidden throughout the story, and one official end that supposedly transitions into an up and coming ZebraFox Games production.

The graphics are on par with many of the Choice of Games professional artworks, as well as the rest of the ZebraFox Games apps, but employ a unique paper and grunge style. Many of the Hosted Games productions have the graphics take the back seat, but No Proper Thief does it right. The user interface is simple, but easy to read and the game is responsive.

The story of a fledging bank robber is original and engaging, and the choices throughout the game offer a real challenge to the reader. Many choices will lead to an untimely demise or prison time (checkpoints provided). Many other choices will affect the stats of personality, trust of the team, conscience, and physical wellbeing of Clyde “Rooster” Lamm. No Proper Thief seems to be a modern, exceptional take on the Bonnie and Clyde story, given the names and shady profession. The twists and turns are sure to keep readers guessing throughout the gamebook.

The replay value is boosted with the fact that there are several endings, including the three insanity endings. Achievements also add incentive to replay the game several times.

Overall, No Proper Thief is an engaging, well written story, with professional artwork and user interface. The author made an effort to give the game replay value, and it shows. The game is certainly worth a download for those who enjoy reading.

App Pros

App Cons

  • Original, Immersive Story
  • Multiple Endings – Good Choices
  • Professional Graphics / User Interface (UI)
  • Paid App (With Free Sample)

App Description

No Proper Thief ReviewAttempt to survive your first bank heist! Befriend or betray your team of bank robbers, make difficult choices, survive, go insane, fall in love, and get rich if you can in No Proper Thief, where every choice you make has a consequence.  You never wanted a life of crime, but it’s all you know. That doesn’t mean transitioning from a life as a cocky con artist to a greenhorn bank robber doesn’t scare you.  In No Proper Thief you are Clyde Lamm, the Rooster, and you have a choice to make. In fact, you have dozens of choices to make throughout your upcoming adventure. Everything has consequences, too. You and your team, consisting of the leader Zebra, the muscle Stag, and the heart Marlin, have many obstacles to overcome. Still, in the midst of all the dark chaos of the initial robbery, there is a flame of positivity: an attractive young bank manager. Sure you stole her gold heirloom ring a while back, but it’s a fair trade because that fox is stealing your heart. Can you  make the hard choices and survive your first bank heist?


  • Befriend or abandon a crew of unique characters
  • Discover three hidden insanity endings
  • Enjoy an immersive story of crime
  • Experience the alien body snatcher prologue
  • Maintain your Identity, Health, Trust, and Conscience stats
  • Make plenty of hard choices
  • Try not to die
  • Unlock achievements
  • View original artwork

Download No Proper Thief

No Proper Thief
No Proper Thief
Developer: Hosted Games LLC
Price: Free+
No Proper Thief
No Proper Thief
Developer: Hosted Games
Price: Free+


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