uCiC – Answer Me This!

uCiC – Answer Me This!

uCiC - Answer Me This! Review

App Apes Verdict
  • User Interface - 10/10
  • Functionality - 9/10
  • Inexhaustibility - 9/10
User Rating: 5.0 (1 votes)


The iOS app uCiC – Answer Me This! is a tool that has potential for bettering the lives of many and facilitating a mentality of helpfulness in the communities it is used in.

 uCiC – Answer Me This! provides users from all over the globe with a responsive and beautiful user interface. With professional and appealing graphics from the app store icon to the navigation, the app is near perfect as far are the visual components go. The navigation is user friendly and easy to understand and the images provided by users can be rated on a five star scale.

As for functionality: the map responds immediately, trumping even Google Maps in that aspect. The map can be expanded to see entire continents, or zoomed in to view specific city streets and locations.  The app has many uses. One use is that users can ask questions and get quick responses. Time urgent requests even expire and let others know it is top priority. The only real downside to the app in the fallibility of mankind. The app really relies on the kindness and engagement of other people, while doing its best to guide users to be kind with the use of a karma system. There is potential for thieves to utilize the information in questions asked, such as in the demo video where a man is asking if anyone had seen his keys. However, this can be said about any tool or app, though (Facebook, Twitter), and uCiC certainly has good intentions. So, as long as users employ commonsense and look for red flags from other users they should be safe. Don’t ask strangers to check on your house while you’re out of town, for example. Stay smart and conservative with the information you give, and you’re good. In fact, privacy seems to be better protected than on most social media outlets.

The inexhaustibility value of the app is good, as events are always happening, and getting real-time updates on the length of lines at the movie theaters or concerts in very useful. So are updates on countless other events, activities, etc. One note: some locations have very few or no users at the moment, but with visibility this is sure to change. The more users, the better.

All in all, uCiC – Answer Me This!   has the potential to better the world. It comes down to what users make of it.  The developer did a good job in creating the app, now user’s need simply maintain it.

App Pros

App Cons

  • Potential for Bettering Community
  • Available Worldwide
  • Free to Use
  • Responsive
  • Relies on the Kindness of Others
  • Many Locations have Few or No Users (Currently)

App Description

uCiC - Answer Me This! ReviewuCiC – Answer Me This! Ask Anything and Receive Precise Visual Answer to Your Question. uCiC allows you to post requests of photographs you need, and other users can respond to you right away! Looking for real-time information about places, events and things that matter to you? Wouldn’t you love it if the information you’re looking for came directly to you, without having to hunt for it or filter through endless clutter?  With uCiC, you can find out what’s currently happening at any particular location worldwide while cutting through the noise and gaining direct access to real-time images posted by fellow uCiC users in response to your queries. There’s nothing like receiving timely assistance from ‘locals’  uCiC is a human network, a local guide of sorts, which facilitates the transparent sharing of queries and snaps, without swamping you with information you don’t require. So you receive precise visual answers to your questions, get to see only what you want to, and enjoy a relevant and focused experience. uCiC can help you make quick decisions, make comparisons and receive the latest information and updates, and learn more about whatever you want to. uCiC gives you full control over your privacy. Establish location-based connections with people anywhere across the globe while remaining anonymous, without having to “friend” them or opt for private messaging. Help fellow users visually explore your neighbourhood by answering their queries and earn Karma points in return! Your Karma points will come handy when you have queries of your own. uCiC’s location-based photo assistance network is driven by a community that’s extremely passionate about helping others find the visual content they are looking for. You’ll never have to “hunt” for information again because whatever you need to know, help is just around the corner!

How it works:

  • Select a point of interest on the map
  • View all the active users within the chosen radius anonymously
  • Type in your request and it gets sent to all active users there as a push notification
  • Users can choose to respond to the push notification by taking a pic and sending it
  • Earn Karma points for helping others with their photo requests
  • Use the Karma points to create new requests

Demo Video

Download  uCiC – Answer Me This!

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