Double Power | Battery Saver

Double Power | Battery Saver

Double Power | Battery Saver Review

  • User Interface - 7/10
  • Functionality - 8.5/10
  • Inexhautibilty - 10/10
User Rating: 4.0 (1 votes)


Android devices are often notorious for having a bad battery life. In fact, they often give buyers of phones two batteries in anticipation of this.  That’s where Double Power | Battery Saver comes in. It easily optimizes phones, so that users can get the most out of their devices’ batteries.

The user interface (UI) in Double Power | Battery Saver is simple in design and ability to be easily understood by the average user. It is mostly appealing to look at with only a few inconsistencies in the overall cohesion. Many aspects of the user interface are very professionally done, while others are mere flat text that are a bit jarring when side by side with the less matte icons. Ads also pop up at some inconvenient times, which can lead to a bit of frustration.

With an optimize button, the app is easy to use. It also provides an array of options that users can employ to customize and tailor the app to theirs and their phone’s needs. Users have the options to turn on and  off sound notifications, control the app’s ability to begin on startup, decide on whether or not to use Wi-Fi, airplane mode, GPS, timeout, and much more. For as simple as the app is appearance, there are a lot of options to help save battery power.

The app can, of course, be used all the time to save power, so it has an exceptionally inexhaustibility value.

Overall, Double Power | Battery Saver serves as a coach, and urges users to conserve power responsively. It helps describe and illustrate where power is going, and allows users to make more educated choices in battery power management.

App Pros

App Cons

  • Free To Use
  • Easy to Use and Navigate
  • Maintained by Developer
  • Distracting Pop-Up Ads
  • Results May Vary from Device to Device
  • Some Inconsistency with UI

App Description

Double Power | Battery Saver ReviewTired of constantly charging your android Smartphone? Has your device ever run out of battery when you absolutely needed it? Double Power App is here to help you!! Forget the worry that your Smartphone’s battery can go down when you needs it desperately.Double Power | Battery Saver helps to protect Smartphone’s battery further to whatever the Smartphone has already got by default for charging. Task Killer (Memory Booster) Feature: Kill the running task for power optimization and memory consumption. Display all the running apps with detailed memory, icon, update time, size. Battery Saver Plus has other additional features to clean the memory by killing apps running in the background draining the battery. Great tool that too free. This is the Perfect Battery Saver for your android. Plus, it’s simple, clean and beautiful. Increase your battery life with only TAP!


  • Optimize Device:
  • Manual Power Options
  • Saver Recommendations (Optimize & Memory consumption apps)
  • Charge Mode Details:
  • Fast Charge
  • Full Charge
  • Trickle Charge
  • Battery Details:
  • Temperature in Celsius(ºC)
  • Voltage in mV
  • Current in mAH
  • Health Condition
  • Show Status Charging Mode

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