Snaky 360

Snaky 360

Snaky 360 Review

App Apes Verdict
  • Graphics - 9/10
  • Gameplay - 8.5/10
  • Replay Value - 8/10
  • Originality - 6/10
User Rating: 4.0 (1 votes)

App Pros

App Cons

  • Free To Play
  • Multiple Challenges Each Level
  • Tons of Unlockables
  • Can Grow Repetitive
  • Snake Size Gets Unmanageable Very Quickly


App Description

Snaky 360 ReviewSnaky 360 – Save Snaky the snake by helping it to escape levels all more original and evolved than the others in this unclassifiable game: between arcade, puzzle, action and skill… Remember the good old Nokia Snake in 1997? Take this classic and put it on steroids: you get this new original snake game. But we are not in 1997 anymore. A completely revamped and highly addictive snake game, with some original game types like Pac-Snake or Snake-Invaders, moving freely through 360° and with over 10 hours of intense gameplay in hundreds of levels all extremely original.


  • Rediscover the Snake game thanks to 8 level types: snake-invaders (my personal favorite), bomber-snake (a classic that never ages), pac-snake (game rules have evolved), breakout, course, pong, modern and classic!
  • Experience hours of constantly renewed fun in hundreds of evolved levels spread across six campaigns
  • Move the snake freely through 360° with intuitive and customizable controls
  • Go at your own pace by speeding up and slowing down the snake during game
  • Unlock two other game modes, including the diet mode
  • Relive the emotions of the original Snake with the classic mode 90°
  • Master the 10 snakes. Each snake has its own character: slow or fast, long or short, easy to handle or more spicy… Master these snakes and you will be rewarded!
  • Avoid pitfalls: energy balls, spaceships, ghosts, lasers, rotten apples, poisoned darts, mobile scaffolds, picks, one ways…
  • Use power-ups wisely: resurrection packs, shields, teleporters, hexagon fragments, flying apples, switches and gates…
  • Arm yourself with missiles and bombs: it will be explosive! Unless you’re afraid to kill…
  • Destroy the enemy ships and destroy the walls in the levels
  • Cast out all bonus points in time and perform combos to make big scores
  • Win all 2,590 medals (you will have to eat a lot of apples!)
  • Take up the challenges of the 39 special achievements (a lot more fruits to eat!)
  • Compare your scores and achievements with friends or other people in the world
  • Earn 40 bonus videos
  • The intuitive controls make it easy to guide the snake thanks to a joystick wheel. You can also change the way you drive the snake: wheel at the right, clockwise or anti-clockwise arrows, accelerometer or in a more classical fashion with direction cross.

Gameplay Video

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Snaky 360 - Snake Adventure
Snaky 360 - Snake Adventure


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