Nasty Blocks

Nasty Blocks

Nasty Blocks Review

App Apes Verdict
  • Graphics - 10/10
  • Gameplay - 7/10
  • Replay Value - 6/10
  • Originality - 7.5/10
User Rating: 4.0 (1 votes)

App Pros

App Cons

  • Free To Play
  • Challenging Gameplay
  • Great Graphics
  • Leaderboards
  • Lots of Ads
  • Grows Repetitive


App Description

Nasty Blocks ReviewNasty Blocks – A simple and fun free arcade styled game, which doesn’t need any tutorial or hep menu to start play. It’s really easy to start and fun to play! Mix of a classic brick breaker game with a balance challenge for the player. Play with as cartoon designed blocks, the young and vigorous ‘’Bouncy’, the old and tired ‘Slidy’. This game is for everyone: kids, teenagers, adults! All controls are based on accelerometer, so you won’t need to do anything, but tilting your device left or right. Pong the ‘Bouncy’, but don’t forget to check the ‘Slidy’, maybe he is about to fall off! Return to the game more and more trying to beat your best time!


  • Tilt Control
  • Challenging Gameplay
  • Leaderboards & Achievements

Download Nasty Blocks

Nasty Blocks
Nasty Blocks
Developer: Purple Light
Price: Free

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