Weather Glow – Hourly Forecast

Weather Glow – Hourly Forecast

Weather Glow - Hourly Forecast Review

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  • User Interface - 9/10
  • Functionality - 9/10
  • Inexhaustibility - 9/10
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App Pros

App Cons

  • Free To Use
  • Nice UI
  • Hour By Hour Weather Detail
  • Pictures Don’t Represent Actual Specified Location
  • Ads
  • Unoriginal


App Description

Weather Glow - Hourly Forecast ReviewWeather Glow is an advanced weather forecast app for android Smartphone users. This app has accurate weather predictions for all the cities across the world. Besides, Weather Glow displays the hourly weather forecast for your current location along with the forecast for next 5 days. So, You can drag along the weather bar to find the exact weather for a particular hour during the day and plan your day accordingly.
The app is equipped with basic weather forecasting features that are functionally accurate with respect to predicting the weather. Read through the following lines highlighting the key features of Weather Glow app:
• Weather Glow has simple but an easy to use interface, which allows user to search for the temperatures during the day easily with high and low temperatures in centigrade.


  • A 24 hour, hour by hour weather check is provided to keep you informed about the sudden climate changes during the day.
  • Weather Glow has the capability to display percentage of humidity present in the atmosphere during the day which changes hourly.
  • The air pressure at the selected location is given as well.
  • Also, the wind speed is displayed for the selected day.
  • Moreover the wind direction on any day is also provided.
  • Local and international weather updates are available for 5 days of the week..
  • You can also use automatic location finder to adjust to your current location for displaying weather.
  • Select a location by searching manually through search bar and view the weather forecast for that particular city.
  • The Weather Glow app has incredible images for depicting weather forecast and different transitions from day to night.
  • Moreover, the images change as the location changes giving an overall environment of the selected city creating great visual appeal
  • Weather Glow is a one stop application to find the weather changes 4 days ahead of you. Download this app now and share your valuable feedback with us!


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