Swizzle - Mix & Loop Free Music Playlists Review

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  • User Interface - 9.5/10
  • Functionality - 8/10
  • Inexhaustibility - 10/10
User Rating: 3.3 (3 votes)


With the era of exchanging mix tapes and even CDs long dead or dying, Swizzle – Mix & Loop Free Music Playlists brings the music exchange concept new life.

Swizzle offers users a professional and beautiful user interface (UI) that is easy to navigate and responsive. The home page, as well as the popular tab and Featured tab display playlists with an image focus, making it easy to scroll through and see choices at a glance, without even reading. However, the pages do also display the playlist name, the number of songs on the lists, and the creator name and Facebook profile picture. Overall, it is streamline and easy to use. The user interface is clean and crisp, and there are seemingly no issues with it–it serves its purpose and does it well.

As far as functionality goes, Swizzle is very responsive, and the only delay is a result of the user’s internet service as the app uses YouTube to play the music. If music videos selected by the playlist creators are not official, there is always the chance of the videos being deleted for legal reasons, and thus there is the chance that playlists will then have gaps. On top of this, the app uses lots of data, and therefore WiFi is recommended when using the app. There is a bit of a social aspect to Swizzle in that users can create and view public playlists. Names can be selected and select information including a profile picture, name, city, tagline, number of playlists and songs can be viewed. Users can also leave responses to playlists to indicate their like or dislike, or even suggestions. Recent Popular and Featured tabs provide a good variety for those who like to browse and not make a specific search or create their own playlist. But the app does provide users with an easy way to make lists, or as they are called: swizzlists. Users simple use the app search bar to navigate YouTube and select the music videos they want on their lists. These lists can be public or private. There is also a likes or favorite section for quick access to lists the user enjoys. All in all, the app is responsive, but relies heavily on YouTube. There are endless lists to be made and listened to, no there is a good inexhaustibility value to Swizzle.

Overall, Swizzle – Mix & Loop Free Music Playlists is a great free way to listen to music users love, and get introduced to music they have yet to fall in love with. The app is responsive, and easy to navigate and use, and is certainly worth a download.

App Pros

App Cons

  • Professional User Interface (UI)
  • Plays with Screen Off
  • Free to Use
  • Ability to Create Playlists
  • Uses YouTube Videos (High Data usage)
  • Requires Facebook Login to Use
  • Most Current Lists are K-Pop (For Now)



App Description

Swizzle - Mix & Loop Free Music Playlists Review“Mix & Loop Your Favorite YouTube Playlists with Friends!” Swizzle is a music based social network providing the easiest way to share music among friends. Play all the playlists for free and discover more for every moment that you need playlist. Have you ever given a mixtape or CD to your friends for anniversary? Have you ever asked your friends to find suitable songs for rainy day, date driving or house party? Have you ever felt lack of channel to get information about new genres or artists? Now, it’s time to change your lifestyle to discover and recommend music with listers all over the world. Whenever you need music, just ask listers in Swizzle.


  • Build your own playlists and add songs for your moments via searching YouTube music videos in Swizzle.
  • Invite your friends and expand your playlists with them.
  • Feel free to enjoy and share music anywhere with Swizzle. They’re all powered by official open sources from YouTube.
  • Support continuous play, background play in playlists.
  • Meet new people who like same artists or genres. Enjoy their playlist and bring great songs from their playlist to yours.
  • Brag your musical taste and knowledge by recommending songs on your friends’ playlist!

Case of application: 

  • The day before house party, create ‘House Party’ playlist and select party musics together with friends and guests in advance.
  • Discover or create a playlist as name of your favorite artists. Enjoy updating music videos and chatter on them with other fans.
  • Are you in a band? If you are looking for songs to perform on your next concert, make playlists with the band members.
  • Or, just come to Swizzle and pick a playlist made by music lovers from somewhere in the world. Then, enjoy it.


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