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  • User interface - 9/10
  • Functionality - 6.5/10
  • Inexhaustibility - 9/10
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Sweet Jar is an app that will literally help satisfy the user’s sweet tooth.

Sweet Jar offers a very professional, classic candy store themed, user interface. The minimalism it employs ensures that there is no clutter and thus very little confusion, and the app guides users through the step by step process with a pleasing visual display. On top of this, each candy choice has a name that many will be familiar with and an image of the candy, as well, which many candy lovers base their purchases off of.  The app uses pale colors, mainly red and blue, and this contrasts nicely with the much more vibrant images of candies. From chocolate raisins to all types of gummies, twenty-one choices in total, Sweet Jar has most all the favorites, and provides a visual experience enjoyable enough that the app can serve as a substitute to visiting a now rare candy store or settling for a generic grocery store selection.

On top of being visually appealing, Sweet Jar is easy to use. Users choose up to six different types of sweets, or select the same choice six times, or any combination therein until the jar capacity reaches 100%, and then proceed to write a brief personal message, and finally head over to check out where credits are used to purchase the jar and fund the delivery. The main issue that arises with Sweet Jar is that one must log in to see the cost of credits, and go through the whole shopping portion of the app without knowing the portion size in ounces or some other unit of measurement, and how much per portion or jar costs in money. Considering the economy (in the USA, at least) is not the greatest, cost is always on the forefront of people’s minds. What is known is that 15 credits can be purchased for $19.35 at $1.29 per credit, and that is the minimum, which many will find is a lot for candy,  as impulse buy racks will get you a King Snickers for a buck. The credits go up to a 50 Credits maximum purchase for $49.50 at $0.99 per credit with a savings of $25.00. So there is an incentive to buy more in bulk, which is a nice feature for the developers to have put in.  Once the candy is sent out, it’s up to the delivery service to provide quick service, which is typically very reliable, but considering the number of countries than can be selected for delivery address, that could possibly vary.

Those who constantly have a sweet tooth and the money to satisfy it will likely enjoy and use Sweet Jar over and over, especially if they don’t want to leave the house. Others will find that Sweet Jar can be a good gifting tool, namely for those long distant relatives and friends.

Overall, Sweet Jar offers an easy to use, visually appealing app that provides a convenience, which so many people desire. For those with money to spend who want to save time and satisfy their sweet tooth, Sweet Jar will hit the spot.

App Pros

App Cons

  • Professional and Minimalist User Interface (UI)
  • 21 Delicious Candy Choices
  • Ingredient Information
  • Great for Gift Giving
  • Uses Credits, Not More Direct Currency
  • Some Classic Candy Choices Not Available
  • Prices and Portions Not Immediately Clear

App description

Sweet Jar ReviewPick n’ Mix inside an app. For the first time an app that lets you fill a Jar with your favorite sweets and the finest confectionery, write your label and have the same REAL JAR full of REAL CANDY delivered by post. The Sweet Jar app is taking the mobile-to-physical revolution to new heights. REAL CANDY direct from your iPhone and iPad. Drag candy into your jar to fill it. Write your own Label for the Jar, choose a delivery address and hit send! Seriously simple and fabulously fun. A box containing your Pick n’ Mix will immediately be shipped by post and arrive in a day or two. Get Pick n’ Mixing now. Great fun and a fantastic gift, or why not treat yourself?! We proudly bring Pick n’ Mix to your mobile.


  • Select your favorite candy from your phone
  • Have candy delivered to your front door.
  • Custom messages
  • Hassle Free Shopping

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