Hacking Tutorials

Hacking Tutorials

Hacking Tutorials Hack WiFi FB Review

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  • User Interface - 5/10
  • Functionality - 8/10
  • Inexhaustibility - 5/10
User Rating: 4.0 (1 votes)

App Pros

App Cons

  • In Depth Tutorials
  • Educational – Updated
  • Good Starting Reference for Hacking
  • Ads Can Get in the Way of Navigation Buttons
  • Navigation Not Fully Optimized
  • User Interface Not Cohesive


App Description

Hacking Tutorials Hack WiFi FB ReviewAvailable in English only. Permissions explained below. Want to become a professional hacker but don’t know where to start? Sick of googling for hacking tutorials only to discover outdated methods? Want to avoid becoming a victim, just another miserable statistic? Look no more, You’ve found redemption. Hacking Tutorials is a step by step guide that explains various hacking techniques. This app presents tried and tested, user friendly tutorials for beginners looking for a way into the hacking universe.This app shows you the easiest, most direct ways to safely perform a given hack, how it works, and most importantly how to protect yourself against them. Tutorial examples: Phishing, DDOS, batch file viruses, facebook password sniffing & wifi hacking (WEP, WPA), trojans, keyloggers, social engineering, RATs, TOR, proxy, Backtrack, Kali, Metasploit, android hacking tools, exploiting hearbleed bug and much more! The app also includes a fully functional RSS reader that brings to you the latest hacking and technology news. This feature requires the following permissions: Run at startup, write external storage: Required for automatically refreshing and caching news items via RSS feeds (optional). This helps reduce internet usage and saves battery. RSS feeds can be completely customized and even disabled.

Features :

  • Tried and tested. All hacking tutorials are guaranteed to work!
  • Video tutorials for the visual learner!
  • A Chat room to discuss hacking with fellow learners!
  • A news section with several Hacking & Tech news sources!
  • Available Offline!
  • More tutorials than can be listed here.

Demo Video

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Hacking Tutorials 2.0
Hacking Tutorials 2.0
Developer: Xeus
Price: Free

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