Worldquiz – the 3D Geography Challenge

Worldquiz – the 3D Geography Challenge

 Worldquiz - the 3D Geography Challenge Review

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  • Graphics - 10/10
  • Gameplay - 9/10
  • Replay Value - 9/10
User Rating: 4.3 (4 votes)


Don’t let the images of Worldquiz – the 3D Geography Challenge keep you from downloading the app. Unlike what the images might lead one to believe, the app is not flat like mankind once thought the world was, but rather a beautifully rendered 3D globe.

The graphics in Worldquiz – the 3D Geography Challenge are top notch and very professional, with a fully rendered, illuminated earth, complete with deserts and tropics, as well as the boarders implemented by humans. The user interface around the globe compliments it, and is also quite professional. And moving about it is fluid, as is zooming in.

The game is really a valuable learning tool, as many players will be surprise in how little they really know about the world they live on, and the where countries and cities are located within it.  The app scores players on how close they are to the actual located of the prompted location, and even maps a line from the guess to the actual location. On top of this, the game provides plenty of interesting facts (sourced from Wikipedia) and provides links which players can follow to learn more. With multiple modes of play, including practice, time attack and normal, as well as multiple difficulty levels and plenty of new places to learn about, there is quite a lot to do in Worldquiz – the 3D Geography Challenge. Plus with numerous achievements, as well as local and global high score leaderboards, there is also a great amount of replay value in the app.

Overall, there’s a world of knowledge to be learned in Worldquiz – the 3D Geography Challenge, so those who want to brush up on their geography, practice in an engaging, visual way for a test, or simply learn about the world on which the live, will not be disappointed when trying the app.

App Pros

App Cons

  • Educational
  • Beautiful User Interface (UI)
  • Free to Play
  •  None

App Description

 Worldquiz - the 3D Geography Challenge ReviewTest and improve your knowledge about the world! Play in multiple singleplayer games or challenge your friends and other players online. You know where to find New York? Even locating the Mount Everest is easy for you? But where is Timbuktu? Prove yourself in 60 questions around the world in the level game, find the right balance between speed and accuracy in the timeattack game or repeat your weakest answers in the training mode. You can customize the game to your needs. Play only capitals of Europe or flags of Asia or anything else you are interested in. In the ad-free basic version you get 300 question about all capitals of the world and chosen questions of other topics. To get more questions you can buy different extensions to the questions.


  • Realistically illuminated 3D globe
  • High resolution country borders
  • Extendable list of questions
  • Multiple difficulties to improve your knowledge step by step
  • Pieces of information and wikipedia link to each question
  • Exciting online matchplay
  • Numerous achievements
  • Level game with increasing difficulty
  • Fast paced timeattack game
  • Training mode to improve your knowledge
  • Customizable game to train certain regions or topics
  • Local and global highscores
  • Different profiles on one device for individual training progress, highscores and settings

Download  Worldquiz – the 3D Geography Challenge

Worldquiz - the 3D Geography Challenge
Worldquiz - the 3D Geography Challenge

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