Tingz.me – Discover Great Apps

Tingz.me – Discover Great Apps


App Apes Verdict
  • User Interface - 5/10
  • Functionality - 2/10
  • Inexhaustibility - 3/10
User Rating: 1.5 (2 votes)


The developers of Tingz.me have a nice idea: custom tune recommendations for phone apps. Much like Amazon does for products, Google does for information, Pandora does for music, and Netflix does for movies, Tingz endeavors to do the same for apps. However, rather than the immediate response that most are used to, users are urged to be patient.

So while we wait (several days) for App Apes custom results, let’s talk about the app in general. The user interface (UI) is a bit lackluster. The icons are incredible fuzzy and if it weren’t for the crisp orange Ting logo at the top, one might believe their phone were malfunctioning, or worse, their eyes. The UI makes every phone appear more like a Windows Phone with the use of blue and other color tiles, and it has very limited options.

The developers of Tingz.me do warn that it may take a couple days to update, but who wants to wait that long? A computer illiterate grandmother could use the search option on Google Play and find what they want more efficiently than this. The search engines aren’t that terrible, and prioritize popular apps already. The developers assure users that they are a discovery platform, not a search tool and that they “discover new apps based on your preferences and habits.” But again this is a slow process. A quick survey option at the start would certainly benefit the app and get a much faster read on the user’s preferences. As is, there does not seem to be a not interested button for apps users don’t like or want. They must download it to show interest, or let it fester in a pool of similarly uninteresting apps. Furthermore,though disconcerting to a some, Tingz.me accounts for several factors, including the location of the mobile device and personal information. So for example, if one were to be on a road trip the app might bring up information apps from the area, or app generally catered to the location. It really comes down to who users want to make their choices: them or Tingz.me. This app might be ideal for those who abhor search engines, but not for most. With it being free and without ads the question becomes, what do the developers get out of this? Are they funded by the apps they recommend? Highly unlikely. Are its users and their information the product as with Facebook? A disconcerting thought. Are they in for the long haul with a more efficient Pro version? maybe. As for App Apes custom results: the app never updated with anything passed the original choices of WebMD and several alarm apps. So, either we’re unreadable or the app could use some work.

Again, Tingz.me is a potentially great idea, but with a lackluster UI, no option to down vote apps or otherwise remove them from the selection pool, and with personalization being far too slow for most to have the patience for, this app will only appeal to a small number of users. They do have a good demo video, though.

App Pros

App Cons

  • Interesting Idea
  • Essentially an Ad
  • Lackluster UI
  • Slow to Recommend

App Description

Tingz.me - Discover Great Apps reviewIMPORTANT NOTE – please keep in mind that the platform requires a few days to provide a higher level of personalization. Tingz.me is a predictive discovery platform that recommends great new apps at the right time and place. The suggestions are based on your preferences and context, and are delivered exactly when you need them the most and ready to engage. As there are so many apps out there, it has become almost impossible to find the apps that you are looking for. How many times have you tried searching for an app and all you got was an endless list of irrelevant results? Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that could familiarize with you and constantly scout the app store, in order to spot useful new apps just for you? Now there is – Tingz.me. With Tingz.me installed on your device, all you have to do is keep on using your device like you are used to. We constantly explore the entire app pool and notify only as we pinpoint the most interesting and useful ones for you. Imagine how great it would be discovering great apps you have never known they existed, precisely when you need them the most. No more wasting time on pointless app search. Let us do this tedious work for you. Have great new apps recommendations delivered directly to your device at the right place and time. Now is the right time to enhance your mobile experience with Tingz.me. Any feedback would be much appreciated, so feel free to let us know what you think at info@tingz.me.

Demo Video

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