STEP – Journal for Life

STEP – Journal for Life

STEP - Journal for Life Review

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STEP – Journal for Life makes even the most complicated day or even a hectic life in general a little easier to deal with, with the use of a baby step setup of daily activities.

A healthy mix between a scheduler and a diary, STEP – Journal for Life provides a clean, crisp, and professional looking user interface (UI). The overall colors with the white base are pleasing to the eye, and might even be considered by some, as the developer says, visual “poetry with minimal effort and complete privacy.” The simple user interface is intuitive and not obscured with needless buttons or ads, and with the user’s addition of pictures users will find themselves opening the app to not only remind themselves of their future plans, but to see and take satisfaction in what they’ve accomplished each day in an appealing, artistic looking way.

STEP – Journal for Life is incredibly easy to use, as well. While users can go into real depth about their days and plans, making notes and schedules, posting pictures and the like, the clean UI and ease of navigation make it easy. Making a very nice looking day, week, month year story out of one’s life is simple. With statistics, users can see where their time is going to, and therefore STEP – Journal for Life can be considered a self reflection tool, to shed light on eating habits, exercise habits, time spent reading or time spent goofing off, or sleeping. The digital app also makes it much easier to see the overall picture than with a traditional notebook journal. Planning a day or recording one is as simple as clicking a set of the aptly given categories.

The app can be, and should be used daily, for those who are able to commit a couple minutes here and there. In the end, the app is likely to save users time and probably make them more health conscientious by revealing unhealthy habits statistically. Unlike a traditional dairy, users don’t run out of paper and they can read the text, as it is font and not scribbles. It’s nice to look back, and helpful in revealing habits, so it not only has high inexhaustibly value, but it actually grows  better and more helpful over time.

Overall, STEP – Journal for Life is one of the easiest diary apps to use–one that offers plenty of features and long-run benefits, and is perhaps the best looking.

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  • Professional User Interface (UI)
  • Easy to Use
  • Lots of Features
  • None

App description

STEP - Journal for Life ReviewLooking for the best journal / diary app? Featured in 137 App Stores worldwide, STEP Journal helps you capture and tell the amazing story of your life. Let wearables, apps and social media turn your life into poetry with minimal effort and complete privacy. The true power of Automated Journaling! Using iPhone sensors, apps and external sources such as social services & wearable devices, STEP Journal gathers the scattered moments of your life on your behalf. You can easily add meaning to each event with cute icons. The Stats and Personal Dashboard with beautiful diagrams of your daily patterns allow you to look back and reflect on your days.


  • STATUSES, PLACES, PICS and TAGGED FRIENDS from the social services (Facebook, Twitter, Swarm and Instagram)
  • EVENTS from iPhone Calendar(s)
  • PHOTOS and their locations from iPhone Camera Roll
  • LOCATIONS using iPhone’s GPS
  • MOTION ACTIVITIES and the number of STEPS you’ve walked from M7 co-processor (only for 5S users)
  • Health and fitness information from fitness tracking DEVICES such as JawboneUP and Fitbit
  • Capture daily moments by clicking on intelligently recommended icons
  • Add activities, location, time, pictures, friends, or notes with just a few clicks
  • Explore interesting stats and info-graphics on your personal Dashboard
  • Keep your moments private or share them instantly on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare

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STEP - Journal for Life
STEP - Journal for Life
Developer: WEPLANET
Price: $0.99

  • James Richards

    Since the raters liked it, I just might give it a go. Looks to be right up my alley.

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