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  • Functionality - 6.5/10
  • Inexhaustibility - 9/10
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Horoscope or more specifically Astrolis Horoscopes & Tarot can be a fun daily retreat for those who believe and even some of those who don’t.

The user interface in Astrolis Horoscopes & Tarot is clean and simple and users of Facebook (and most of you likely are) will feel at home suing it, with its blue and white colors and easy to navigate structure. There are no ads, unless you count the offers for a live psychic reading. The app offers several other visual choices such as what user’s want their icons for astrological signs to look like. Astrolis Horoscopes & Tarot clearly lists its features in an easy to read manner, from the daily reading to the five star outlook on Money, Energy, Love, and mood, to the daily sign compatibility, and finally the daily numbers that probably won’t win users the lottery, but will have as good a chance as any other randomly selected numbers. There is some blurring, but that is easy to look passed.

With the nice but seldom seen feature of keeping the user’s privacy and not asking for excessive permissions, the app generalizes with a few inputs, including gender and sign based on day of birth, as most good physics do, meaning it’s not as personal as some would like, but is also not intrusive. It can still be fun to read a daily horoscope and even more fun to flip the three daily cards that represent something about the past, present, and future. If users utilize the app as a tool for self reflection, it can work very well, but no one should use it as a sole decider in their life choices. Multiple users can easily switch between signs with a simple use of a drop down menu, and there is plenty to read daily including a daily horoscope, a chatty blurb, a love category, as well as a romance, weekly career, style, and money sections, and also a monthly and annual reading. Perhaps the most fun is the tarot tab in which three cards are offered daily along with what they mean. However, switching signs does not reset the tarot card tab. Certainly it a little less obvious and less fluid reading what each tarot card means and interpreting it than it is to have a psychic transform the rigid card meanings into layman terms, but it’s still a good mental exercise. If user’s really want the touch of a psychic (not free), a personal reading is a click away with the Readings tabs, where users can find a psychic from a list of them. Perhaps, as many expect, the readings and daily horoscopes are often not relevant to the reader. Even as generalized as they are, when it’s one’s day off and the money is at five stars, it leads one to wonder why they haven’t stumbled upon a bag of money or something of the sort. Often, if user’s think hard they can force the reading into some aspect of their life, but as with all generalized horoscopes they can’t cater to everyone or we’d be a society of 12 predictable personality types, in which all of the Aries go through the same thing at the same time, and the same for each of the eleven other signs. Still, if users use it simply as a thinking exercise, the appcan be great.

With a daily update and a 2015 update to come, the inexhaustibility of the app is very high. The app offers just enough information to satiate the user’s craving for psychic assurance, and plenty to think on.

All in all, Astrolis Horoscopes & Tarot can be fun and also a good tool for self reflection. Those with open minds will likely enjoy the app, while those ready to go on a witch hunt for anything mystical should steer clear.


App Pros

App Cons

  • Simple to Use
  • Clean User Interface (UI)
  • Free to Use
  • Very Generalized
  • Often Irrelevant to User
  • Tarot Cards Don’t Reset for Multiple Users

App Description

Horoscope ReviewAstrolis Horoscopes & Tarot is one of the few apps for Android that uses actual planetary positions to provide relevant and timely horoscopes. “Horoscope” offers the best selection of free horoscopes and tarot card readings on Android. Once you install this app you’ll horoscope readings based on actual planetary positions, unlike what other apps offer. You also get your Daily Outlook (love, energy, mood, money), your most compatible sign and your daily numbers. Nothing but your own choices and decisions will determine your future, but your horoscope can help to give you clarity .”Horoscope” is useful not in providing a definitive view of the future, but in empowering you to better recognize the influences that play upon your thoughts and actions. The app is available for free on Google Play and the IOS App Store, and is one of the few apps that cares about your privacy, it only needs a network connection (no other extra permissions needed).


  • Free horoscopes: Daily, Love, Chatty, Weekly, Monthly, Romance, Style, Career, Money, 2014 (with 2015 coming soon!)
  • Using “Horoscope” you get a three card tarot readings (past, present, future) for free each day that are based on your personal profile
  • Set the horoscope you want to receive readings for, gender and even customize the icon for those readings
  • Share a horoscope with your friends via Twitter, Facebook or email

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Horoscopes & Tarot
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