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Social networks can be great, but they can also lead to embarrassment when some questionable things are posted, especially when drunk. Drunk Locker can help negate some potentially embarrassing morning-afters.

The user interface in Drunk Locker is nothing special, but it is straightforward and easy to understand. Easy enough for even an already drunk person to figure out, if they still have the presence of mind to block themselves instead of sending that cute boy or girl a message. As of now there is a lot of unused screen space on both the title screen and the one block screen that offers check boxes for the six apps it currently is able to block: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, and FB Messenger. The developers claim that there is much more to come, so that space will probably be put to better use in the future. There are quite a few ads that take up some of the space that are bigger and more prominent than the actual buttons, as well. Overall, Drunk Locker might be as simple and bleak as a high school locker, but it serves its purpose.

Drunk Locker allows users to select between one and six of its programs and block them for variable amounts of times starting at one hour. As such, the app could be used for those studying for tests who are otherwise easily distracted, or by those in a slow office environment. The app is not limited to intoxicated individuals as the name suggests. It is limited in its features, though, in that once a timer is set on even just one app, the others can’t be selected for another separate timer. So say a user accidentally locked themselves out of Snapchat, when they wanted to lock out Facebook, they can’t set a new timer until the initial Snapchat timer is over. All in all, Drunk locker will lock users out of apps as it promises, with a few flaws.  Now if drunk locker could only figure out a way to retroactively block dumb drunk comments we made long ago in younger years, it would be greatly appreciated.

Drunk Locker, with the exception of the one timer issue, can be used again and again, and with plenty of new updates slated for the future the app only promises to grow and become better and better.

App Pros

App Cons

  • Simple to Use
  • Future Features Look Interesting
  • Free
  • Limited to Six Apps (For Now)
  • Can’t Select More Apps After Initial Block
  • Lots of Ads

App Description

Drunk Locker ReviewDrunk messaging an ex is a big problem in today’s society. Drunk Locker helps to stop drunk messaging or using social media while drunk. We prevent drunk tweets, snapchats, messages, ect. Do you enjoy partying? Getting completed wasted? Do you ever send that occasional drunk message and regret it the next day? Then Drunk Locker is the app for you!  Drunk Locker prevents social media while you’re out partying and getting drunk.

We blocks the six most common social media apps on the app store:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Snapchat
  • FB Messenger

We know that most people hate drunk posting and messaging so use Drunk Locker today! Never worry again about sending out drunk messages and party all night long. You won’t have to worry when you’re out partying and having a good time because you will always have Drunk Locker with you. Drink all the beer and alcohol you want today. You will try your hardest to send messages but we are here for you. We are like your friend there to make sure you don’t make any mistakes. Never send drunk messages again. We made sure to block the six most popular social medias so you don’t post an embarrassing message, tweet, or post. You wouldn’t want your boss to see a drunk post or message from the previous night. We’re not here to stop you from drinking alcohol or telling you not to party, we’re just here to keep you safe. We want to make sure you drink all the alcohol and beer you want and not have a worry in the world. We know how much you guys love your alcohol and beer. So turn Drunk Locker on, grab a beer, and drink all the alcohol you want. Drunk Locker saves reputations and stops your messages. One message sent could ruin your whole reputation. Never send another bad message again with Drunk Locker. We hope to better our app with future updates that prevent drunk driving. Drunk driving will be a thing of the past and the roads will be a safer place with future updates from our app. We do not condone immature drinking or drinking and driving. Please drink responsibly.

Future Updates:

  • Connect to a taxi cab service to provide a safe way home
  • Emergency Contact List
  • Block out certain contacts
  • Prevent drunk driving with emergency contacts and taxi cab services.
  • Your phone will tell you not to drink and drive and alert you to use the taxi service and/or emergency contact.

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Drunk Blocker
Drunk Blocker
Developer: Drunk Apps
Price: Free
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