Don’t Feed the Dragon

Don’t Feed the Dragon


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  • Graphics - 7/10
  • Gameplay - 7/10
  • Replay Value - 7/10
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From the developers of 2-bit Heroes, comes their new causal drop-and-catch game, Don’t Feed the Dragon. No directions Studios, who did an interview with App Apes recently which you can read HERE, have delivered a great new way to have fun. Don’t Feed the Dragon is a basket drop game, in which players use a net in an attempt to catch cute, falling farm animals, including cows, chickens, ewoks, pigs and sheep. The real challenge however is to avoid the still cute, but ferociously hungry green dragons. The dragons fall at a much faster rate that the farm animals and keep players alert and on their toes the entire game. If even one dragon lands in the net, it’ll eat the farm animals that that’s game over

The graphics in Don’t Feed the Dragon are clean, crisp, and adorable. The influx of falling animals can be overwhelming at times, but those with a keen eye and quick reflexes can spot and avoid the green dragons without much unwanted issue.  The backdrop, though stationary, really adds to the app in setting the scene while not being too distracting.

The game play is challenging and unique in that players must avoid certain creatures (a.k.a. the green dragons). The controls are intuitive. The game in general is easy to learn but difficult to master. With the app retaining the top score achieved and a game center soon to come there is a good amount of replay-ability, but in its simplicity Don’t Feed the Dragon risks feeling a bit repetitive. Still, it’s a good, fun way to kill some time by making sure dragons don’t kill cute animals.

For a basket drop game, Don’t Feed the Dragon is unique and well illustrated, free, and certainly worth a download. As we said in our interview, No Directions studios are going no direction but up up up, and this new addition to their portfolio is proof of that. It may be less complex than the larger undertaking of 2-bit Heroes, but it’s less cluttered, more intuitive, and the graphics are more cohesive.

App Pros

App Cons

  • Cute Graphics
  • Engaging Gameplay
  • Free to Play
  • Can Grow Repetitive

App Description

Don't Feed the Dragon reviewSo here’s the deal; farm animals are falling from the sky. How did they get there? We don’t know either. What we do know is that they need saving!
Grab that net and catch as many as you can, but be careful! There are Dragons out there, and they’re starving! Think fast, catch faster, and most importantly, Don’t Feed the Dragon!

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Don't Feed the Dragon
Don't Feed the Dragon

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