Crazy Ball Masters

Crazy Ball Masters

Crazy Ball Master Review

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  • Graphics - 6/10
  • Gameplay - 2.5/10
  • Replay Value - 3.5/10
User Rating: 3.5 (2 votes)


Crazy Ball Masters is a decent physics game where players maneuver a metallic looking ball through a series of mazes to reach the end hole, but it is far from a hole in one.

The graphics in Crazy Ball Masters range from decent to sloppy. The title screens seems to have taken the same silver ball used in game and stretched it, as it is fuzzy around the edges, as is the title “Crazy Ball” itself. In game, rather than reflect the white walls, the ball simple reflects some unseen dual rectangle light, and the effect this has is of the ball appearing flat. It was a nice attempt by the developers, but not perfectly executed. On top of this, the choice of icon for teleportation as a lightning bolt is a little odd as it is initially perceived as a trap or negative, rather than a sometimes necessary mode of map travel.

There is rather nice lounge music in game, that is calming in a way but also upbeat to encourage speed. It can get old, of course, which is why the lack of a mute button is a bit of an issue, but then again there are no in-game sounds so players can simply turn down the volume on their mobile devices. Perhaps the biggest negative of the app is that the reward for passing a level and the punishment for failing it (by running out of time) are exactly the same thing: a full page advertisement. There is no congratulatory success screen, no scored time to lead you to want to do better the next time, just an immediate ad.  Worse yet is that there are in-game ads that block parts of the maze making it impossible to see and nearly impossible to pass the walls that are unseen. Finally, there are some levels in which it seems the allotted time is far from enough, especially when having to maneuver blindly behind a wall of ads.

With thirty levels that increase in difficulty, there is some good replay value, but the excessive pop-up ads and the in-game ads that cover the board sour that, which will probably discourage players from wanting to go back. There is also a lack of incentive to continue playing as the only reward for doing so is undesirable ads. A leaderboard and series of achievements would certainly help this game out.

Overall, if a player is unfazed by excessive ads and little variety they may enjoy Crazy Ball Masters, but for most the repetitive levels, stingy time limits, and abundant ads will become more of a frustration than a means of fun.

App Pros

App Cons

  • Free to Play
  • Lots of Ads
  • No Achievements or Leaderboard
  • Little Variation Between Levels

App description

Crazy ball masters reviewTry to solve the labyrinth ball game – tilt your phone while ball is going through a ball maze. HOW TO PLAY: tilt the phone to move in ball maze. Your goal is move the ball into the goal, you will have to avoid the wall ball to overcome it. Crazy ball masters is a perfect maze for kids, friends and adults! Enjoy the new fall game – Crazy ball masters! This time killer is the best of addicting games mobile!


  • 30 level
  • Pick up a gadget to prolong the playing time
  • Go through the brick wall by magic chest
  • Bouncy ball game

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Crazy ball masters
Crazy ball masters
Developer: Zicolor Studio
Price: Free
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