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  • Graphics - 5/10
  • Gameplay - 6/10
  • Replay Value - 7/10
User Rating: 2.0 (1 votes)


Penguin is a very simple, one-touch platformer with a generic, but lovable… well, penguin.

The graphics are basic, but clean, and the most complex feature is that of the penguin subject with its reactive animations and facial expressions. The other graphics, however, become bland and repetitive, with level changes consisting of simple color changes to the ground just beneath the thin snow layer.

The game play features a one-touch control for diving and sliding downhill. For the most part this works for the game, but often the player has no choice but to slam into a steep incline or dive early at an inopportune time, and cut their losses with a decreased speed.

Penguin is simple enough that players will not be turned off after many tries, but with little difference between levels the game does get tedious.

Overall, Penguin is a good way to kill some time and just chill.

App Pros

App Cons

  • Free to Play
  • Global Leaderboards
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Generic Graphics
  • Clunky Mechanics
  • Tedious Gameplay

App Description

PenguinWho says penguins can’t fly? With your help, this Penguin can and does fly through a colorful, fun landscape. Easy to start with simple, one-touch controls to dive or fly. Keep practicing your timing to build momentum, taking Penguin to new heights and lands.


Global leaderboards

  • Compete with players worldwide
  • View daily, weekly, and overall top scores

14+ stages of increasing difficulty

  • New graphics by Luke Farinella
  • Dynamically generated hills and terrain
  • Every game is different

Great touch controls

  • Simple, one-touch gameplay
  • Physics simulation
  • Adaptive help system

Fun music and sound effects

  • Original music by Paul Elliott
  • Penguin and atmospheric sounds

Gameplay Video

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