Letter Pop – Word Game

Letter Pop – Word Game


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  • Graphics - 9/10
  • Gameplay - 8/10
  • Replay - 8/10
User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)


Letter Pop might not have graphics that pop, but they do serve the function they were designed for, and the game play is engaging.

The graphics in Letter Pop are simple and clean. While the minimalist style of the game might leave some players in want of more, for the most part they serve a function without distracting from the task at hand, or influencing words, as images or logos might.

Each letter counts as one point, and besides the length, no benefits are awarded for obscure or challenging words—no boost for length. This might be an annoyance for vocabulary buffs, but for the majority of player the keeping-it-simple style of Letter Pop will be considered a plus.

The biggest issue with Letter Pop is the cost, for the fact that the app is not free will inherently drive many potential players away, and for a game that requires others to play, they limit the player pool significantly. The use of ads versus a base price would most likely benefit both players and developers, as it would expand the player base, and increase the number of matches one could start, while lessening the sometimes long waiting times. While the timer was likely utilized to standardize game play, it does cause some stress, and a slightly longer timer might help. Or better yet, a collection of different times, where hard is brief, and easy is without a timer altogether.

Finally, there are some bugs to be worked out that cause the game to crash, or to be unable to find a match, though the latter of these issues might be due to the lack of a player base. In the same vein, the replay value is diminished slightly because of the limited users, but the game has potential to go down with the classics such as Scrabble or Words With Friends with a few tweaks and a larger player base.

App Pros

App Cons

  • Crisp graphics
  • Simple Gameplay
  • Cost Effects Player Base
  • Few Bugs

App Description

letterpopPop the letters from your brain on to your fingers and score away! LetterPop is a simple word-building game you play with friends. Build the longest word and win! Show off your mind’s wordbook and prove that your words are worth it.


  • You have three 90 second rounds in each game.
  • You get 15 random letters in every round.
  • Your opponent gets the same sets of letters.
  • Whoever forms the longest words wins.
  • Playing with friends is so much fun.
  • Compare yourself with your friends and top players.
  • Simple UI combined with delightful animation makes the app a pleasure to use.
  • Show off your score via twitter/facebook/Whatsapp.
  • Challenge the opponents of your calibre with our smart match option.

Gameplay Video

Download Letter Pop – Word Game

LetterPop - Word Game for free
LetterPop - Word Game for free
Developer: VYN
Price: Free

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