Halloween Monster Mash Dress Up

Halloween Monster Mash Dress Up

Halloween Monster Mash Dress Up review

App Apes Verdict
  • Graphics - 7/10
  • Gameplay - 1.5/10
  • Replay Value - 4/10
User Rating: 1.8 (4 votes)


Halloween Monster Mash Dress Up is a spooky Halloween themed dress up game, but the scariest thing about it are its prices.

The app presents a mixed bag of graphics from the semi-sloppy, to decent character models, to very well done animal companions and spooky items that players are able to spice up their images with. The characters all pose the same way for purposes of the dresses and other clothing items fitting, but all have unique features such as ghostly transparent skin, several eyes, and  even devilish horns. Background choices are nice and spooky. There are also some interesting clothing and accessory choices, such as claw boots and nearly every color of hair. Overall the graphics serve as the games top feature. The game play, on the other hand, is where the game suffers the most.

While players are able to take a snap shot of completed characters to share with friends or keep for themselves, there is no other treat, no reward for playing the game other than this. The music is loud and often obnoxious, and at very least sounds out of place in a game with little action, and no violence. Being a somewhat relaxing experience of making design choices, a more peaceful soundtrack would be more fitting.  On top of this, Halloween Monster Mash Dress Up (Game for Girls and Boy’s [sic]) does not in fact promote a sense of gender equality as the app store title might suggest. Players are given two female models in which to dress, and even in the cast of unlockable characters, there is not a single masculine figure, no male character. Certainly there is nothing wrong with a boy wanting to and enjoying playing these dress up games, but half the fantasy is lost when there is no male character to dress up, making it much harder to imagine themselves in the clothes.  In addition, and perhaps the most hurtful to the gaming experience of Halloween Monster Mash Dress Up, is the paid content options that make up  the vast majority of in-game items. Besides sometimes intrusive ads, there are nearly constant aggressive suggestions to get players to buy additional content, from three-quarters of the clothing and accessories being locked behind a pay wall, to even the majority of the base characters. There is seemingly no way to earn points in game in order to unlock the additional dresses, characters, shoes, etc. and in order to gain access players must pay between two and twenty dollars to do so. (140 coins for $ 1.99, 410 for $4.99, 900 for $9.99, 2000 for $14.99, 10,000 coins for $19.99.)

With plenty of free options elsewhere, those that have broader character bases, wardrobes, and overall selection, Halloween Monster Mash Dress Up might be better suited to stay where monsters do: out of sight. In contrast to many movie monsters with a heart, such as Beast from Beauty and the Beast and the Frankenstein Monster, Halloween Monster Mash Dress Up has a pretty facade, but very little redeeming value on the inside with its uninspiring game play and narrow selection of items not behind a pay wall.

App Pros

App Cons

  • Spooky Graphics
  • Snap Shot Feature
  • Free to Download
  • Very Limited Free Items
  • Intrusive Ads and Pay Wall Requests
  • Limited Choice in Models

App Description

Halloween Monster Mash Dress Up reviewDo you want the most fun and amazing monster dress up game ever?Download Monster Mash Dress Up now! Monster Mash Dress Up is a fantastic game that allows you to transform the ghoulish girls into the stylish fashionistas, just the way you want to! Get in touch with your inner monster now! With loads of very cool clothes and fashions, these ghastly and beautiful monster girls have tons of fabulous fashion styles for you to choose from! Get them ready for a spooky night out with friends and see just how many great looks you can create with them! Get the monster girls in style by downloading now!


  • Fun game
  • Creative Dress up
  • Massive Monster fashions
  • Amazing characters and cool backgrounds
  • Professionally developed and expert created app
  • Get your BFF’s `Best Frights Forever” all ghouled up and pretty!
  • Design and SHARE your monster on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!
  • Download Monster Mash Dress Up now!

Download Halloween Monster Mash Dress Up Game For Girls And Boy’s

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