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  • Graphics - 8.5/10
  • Gameplay - 7.5/10
  • Replay Value - 8/10
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Galactic Hero takes a novel, “alien” approach to the classic tile-matching puzzle game, adding variety and space travel to the mix.

The game does a good job creating appealing space-like graphics such as laser guns, spacecrafts, and planets. There are also some unique looking aliens in the game, those with horns and tentacles, but others seem like an homage to Star Wars’ Darth maul, and the main hero looks a little like Gary and Jake Busey. While Galactic Hero makes an effort to have the game feel open with subtly moving space-scapes, the flat, stationary objects in the foreground and the swells of the bulky interface leaves the game to feel cramped. Overall, the graphics are nice, but unexciting.

There are several unique modes of play in Galactic Hero, including a battle mode that has laser gun icons, shields, and plasma grenades on the board, as well as a race to the portal mode with mines, and a planet mining style of level with several types of gems, that makes an earthly normal looking game into something alien, and interesting in the Android market. On the other hand, traveling doesn’t lay waste or clear a path after defeating a particular world, spacecraft, or beating a race to a portal, which leaves the player unsure where they’ve been or where they are going. As for the matches, they often feel as if the player’s role is to simply set the CPU opponent up for success, when swapping a purple or red when the opponent is already reduced to zero in both resources, or simply gold, as blue and green gems are often far and few between. Perhaps most damaging to the game’s level of player satisfaction is the fact that there is much more chance involved than would be required to make the players feel a sense of satisfaction in victory, or to take defeat gracefully. So while lucky chains of three-in-a-row tiles are great when they work out for the player, they are devastating when they more often than not turn the tide into the computer’s favor.

The game is fun and offers upgrades using coins earned in matches, or for a price in the app store, and plenty of places to travel, but it can quickly grow tedious. The matches themselves can be an exercise in patience with the back-and-forth for several minutes, and traveling just leads to similar looking places. With no direct player-vs-player option, players are such playing a computer which can grow tiresome and predictable.

Overall, Galactic Hero is certainly worth a try and can capture one’s attention for a good amount of time, but many will find it to be as shallow as its space theme background comes off as.

App Pros

App Cons

  • Engaging Gameplay
  • Crisp Graphics
  • Free to Play
  • Can Grow Repetitive

App Description

Galactic Hero reviewGalactic Hero: Space adventure saga meets turn-based match 3 puzzle game. In Galactic Hero, the fate of the galaxy is in your hands. In this epic match 3 puzzle adventure, you will serve as a guardian of the galaxy and battle alien invaders by matching three or more gems, jewels and alien artifacts in a row. Can you outwit your alien challengers and thwart their invasion? As this star saga unfolds, you will need to improve your matching strategy as your alien challengers become smarter and more powerful the further you travel through space. Along the way, you will engage enemy aliens in laser gun battles, mine colorful gems and jewels on distant planets and race alien spaceships through space gates and portals. Strategy is key to winning a war. Devise a winning strategy to defeat the alien foes in puzzle battles to eventually earn the title of galactic war hero!


  • Beautiful space-themed graphics and art
  • Simple, yet challenging gameplay
  • Fun, rewarding missions to complete to acquire gold coins, gems and upgrades
  • Leaderboard to compete with friends

How to Play:

  • Match three jewels, gems or artifacts in a row to score points. In this turn-based Match 3 puzzle game, you will face off with an intelligent alien opponent.
  • Use advanced strategy to defeat your opponent – match items that your opponent requires to eliminate their ability to charge force fields or plasma grenades.


  • Collect gold coins to buy various upgrades to help you win more battles. Boost space mine damage, or increase gem mining efficiency to help on your quest to win the war in the stars.


  • Complete various missions to earn gold coins and gems.


  • Earn 100 Google Play leaderboard points for each new space gate you unlock. Show your friends who is the ruler of the galaxy!

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