Felipe Femur: Halloween Campfire Stories

Felipe Femur: Halloween Campfire Stories


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Felipe Femur: Halloween Campfire Stories is a spooky and enjoyable interactive storybook intended for children, but adults can have fun reading along with their kids, as well. After all it’s best read aloud. The characters, introduced in ZebraFox Games first digital venture Felipe Femur, are still quirky and illustrated beautifully, as is the camping trip and Halloween themed background that comes complete with a lively, crackling campfire, the occasional call of a crow, and moving clouds. The ironic nature of the characters (Sun Loving vampire; toothless werewolf) make the characters quite endearing, still, though they take the back seat to horror this time around, and both factors the leave the reader wanting more of their adventures as this addition to the Android Market certainly provided for fans of the original Felipe Femur story/jumping game app. Felipe Femur: Halloween Campfire Stories also out does its predecessor in that it includes not one, but three unique and original stories that are sure to creep listeners and readers out with it’s employment of timed sound effects.

While the original Felipe Femur was also a linear story, a fact that lead to the replay value being drastically diminished; Felipe Femur: Halloween Campfire Stories includes more initial stories, and based on the number of downloads and waiting fans, promises to deliver more stories in the future from other characters such as the witch, Runny, from the first game. It does not have the game portion of the original game, but it does have other features to make up for that. We at App Apes hope that many of Felipe Friends will join the party over time. All in all, the stories are not directly tied to Halloween as the foreground pumpkins are, so they can be read all year round at campfires and such. With no pay wall items nor ads, just a link to the Felipe Femur website that is also free and without ads, the game seems to be a gift from the developers, though the stories are of a high enough caliber to charge for future additions if the developers sought to do so.

Overall, Felipe Femur: Halloween Campfire Stories is a very well done collection of spooky stories, with an immersive, eerie environments, complete with sounds and even a clickable confetti spewing jack-o-lantern, and a charming cast of characters that we at App Apes hope to see more stories from. For a better introduction to the three characters involved, as well as a fourth, check out App Apes review of Felipe Femur.

App Pros

App Cons

  • Unique Graphics
  • Quirky, Original Stories and More to Come
  • Free to Read
  • None

App Description

192x192Felipe Femur & Friends are back just in time for Halloween! They’ve come prepared with three spooky, never before heard stories that both kids and adults will enjoy: Wet, toothless Mouths; The Cursed Can Opener; and Hungry! Hungry! In the Halloween Campfire Stories app, Felipe Femur the Skeleton, Gummy the toothless werewolf, and Sunny the sun-loving vampire each have a unique, scary story to tell around the camp fire and are more than happy to tell it again and again. More friends are slated to join the party at a later time (future updates with more stories) including Runny the sniffling witch.

The three current short stories range in size, as do the storytellers’ bodies, from Felipe’s brief, skeletal story, to Sunny’s slightly longer one, to Gummy’s plump tale of horror. Each story comes complete with spooky sounds that are guaranteed to send shivers down listeners’ spines, and each is perfect for a spooky night in or an eerie camping trip out in the wild.

For the best experience, read the stories aloud. Enjoy, and thanks for reading the stories in Halloween Campfire Stories! Want more? Find more fun activities at the Felipe Femur Website, including coloring sheets, bingo cards, hangman pages, ideas for throwing the perfect Halloween party, and much much more!



  • Free to Read
  • No Advertisements
  • Engaging, Kid-friendly Content
  • Three Original Stories
  • Spooky Sounds
  • Link to Felipe Femur Website for More Fun


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Scary Stories for Kids
Scary Stories for Kids
Developer: ZebraFox Games
Price: Free
  • Nick Haust

    Better than I thought it would be. Good job!

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