Dynamic Puzzle

Dynamic Puzzle


App Apes Verdict
  • Graphics - 4/10
  • Gameplay - 8/10
  • Replay Value - 10/10
User Rating: 3.5 (2 votes)


Dynamic Puzzle is a puzzle lover’s dream app.

With several levels of difficulty, the option to leave square pieces static or have them move, and to do so on a timer of 30 seconds to endless, as well as the automatic shuffle feature, the game offers a deceptively difficult challenge. Every piece is a square, yes, but they can also be spinning, or even fading in and out from the image to white continuously, and placed in the random spots all over the screen. On top of this, each puzzle can consist of a little more than two dozen pieces at 4X5, to 4X8, to 192 individual pieces at the hardest level of 12X16, with the simple, medium, and complex choices to puzzle size. While the spinning and fading pieces add a good level of confusion there is also the unintended confusion of the view-complete-image button not having a direct counterpart return-to-puzzle button in the same place. Other than this, ads are non-intrusive and seem to only pop up as small banners in the options menu, and players can change orientation of the puzzle to match the image chosen or simply for comfort.

The graphics are based largely on what the player uploads to the app, of course, but in the basics of the app there is pixelation on some icons, a obnoxious base puzzle image, and a user interface that is generally lackluster, as well as the congratulations screen that seems to be an homage to the Windows 95 bouncing text screensaver.

With the option for players to upload their own images Dynamic Puzzle assures it will be played again and again as it offers an unlimited number of puzzles in one simple app. Overall, the app might only really appeal to puzzle lovers, but it is well worth downloading for free, and exercising the brain with the unique challenge.

App Pros

App Cons

  • Challenging Gameplay
  • Unique Features
  • Free to play
  • Lackluster UI

App Description

Dynamic PuzzlesThe Dynamic Puzzle game displays rotating and fading blocks.
It’s based on the classic game where we move squares to complete a Picture.
To play, first add your own photos to the program.
The player has to touch the block when it is near its correct position and the block stops. When all the blocks have stopped in their right position, the player wins. Dynamic Puzzle supports 3 difficulty levels and three modes (static, rotating and fading).


  • The puzzles can be created from photographs
  • The User can upload his own photographs
  • Three puzzle modes (static, rotating and fading) and 3 difficulty levels
  • You can select any photo from SD card or from your device

Gameplay Video

Download Dynamic Puzzle

Dynamic Puzzle
Dynamic Puzzle
Developer: PLATANUS
Price: Free

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