Bronko Blue, Halloween Special

Bronko Blue, Halloween Special


App Apes Verdict
  • Graphics - 6.5/10
  • Gameplay - 8/10
  • Replay Value - 5/10
User Rating: 4.0 (3 votes)


Bronko Blue, Halloween Special is a seasonal continuation of the side scroller Bronko Blue, the kitten copter series, and though free, its short length might give players the blues.

Bronko Blue, Halloween Special does utilize the color orange to give the game have a Halloween feel. And with several layers of the foreground and background mountains there is a sense of depth despite the overhead clouds tending to leave the game feeling more confined than desired. Moreover, the cat wears a Zorro mask, and best of all there are falling autumn leaves throughout the milestone markers, all of with lend themselves to an enjoyable gaming experience with a Halloween twist. Plus, rather than having stacked stones that can be knocked over as in the original and lite versions, Bronko Blue, Halloween Special stacks jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins, some of which are squished nearly  beyond recognition.  The Zorro cape does not move, nor do the crow wings, both of which have the distracting effect of taking the player out of the game. Unless everything flys by kicking its feet, this lack of movement just doesn’t make sense. Overall the graphics feel far from cohesive. If everything were silhouettes it may have been better received, but as it is the silhouettes clash with the cartoon cat and crows, as well as the leaves, collectible candy, and pea-shooter ammo.

The controls are easily grasped and with the fireball option and the physics system associated with the pumpkin stacks, knocking stacks over and shooting crows quickly becomes the most enjoyable experience of the game. Maintaining air suspension to gain speed and subsequently dodging obstacles can be quite satisfying, as well. With the windmills and option to collect sometimes haphazardly placed candy, the game offers a good challenge, but the eight short milestones can be completed quickly at which point the player is rewarded only with the option to buy the full version, leaving many to feel cheated. If the game were titled more honestly it would read Bronko Blue Demo. This might have been better as a free extension to Bronko Blue Lite than a “full” new game. Still, with the ability to collect candy and unlock a variety of achievements the game salvages a bit of its severely damaged replay value with having only eight short levels, but not by a huge amount.

Overall, if players look at Bronko Blue, Halloween Special for what it is: a demo, then it can provide an enjoyable few minutes of seasonally themed game play. Those who enjoy it enough can buy the full version to continue, but the rest might feel this to be more of a Halloween trick than a treat.

App Pros

App Cons

  • Engaging Gameplay
  • Achievements
  • Free to Play (8 Levels)
  • Graphics Not Cohesive
  • Little Replay Value
  • Short

App Description

Do you like innovative Action Indie Games? Try Bronko Blue, the kitten copter – Halloween special, our free atmospheric side scroller. The halloween special of Bronko Blue, the kitten copter is an atmospheric side scroller. Bronko is a small blue cat who flies through a world of halloween searching for some sweets to collect. He must avoid or interact with obstacles along the way. He can shoot or ram pumpkin towers or fight against windmills. Crows approach him which he can shoot but not collide with. The desired sweets can be found along the way to receive bonus points.


  • 100% indie game
  • Simple touch control
  • Atmospheric side-scroller
  • Challenging journey through a world of halloween
  • Physics based world with charming graphics
  • 8 levels for free
  • Completely ad-free
  • Shooting, flying blue cat in a Zorro costume


Gameplay Video

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Bronko Blue, Halloween Special
Bronko Blue, Halloween Special
Developer: bytecombo
Price: Free

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