Robot Unicorn Attack 2

Robot Unicorn Attack 2


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  • Graphics - 10/10
  • Gameplay - 10/10
  • Replay Value - 9.5/10
User Rating: 5.0 (2 votes)


Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is essentially a playable metal-ballad music video with a unicorn protagonist, sporting a long flowing mane rather than a blonde head of head-bashing hair. In other words, it is exactly how a sequel should be done, and keeps everything loveable about the first, improves upon it, and adds so much more. Sure most sequels suck, but not Robot Unicorn Attack 2. It gallops flamboyantly to greatness.

The animations are very well done, very believable, and that’s saying something since the game is full of unbelievably beautiful landscapes and mythical creatures, including flying whales, ice owls, seahorses, rock golems, and, of course, unicorns. Lots of them! Robotic unicorns, flaming unicorns, rainbow unicorns. The backdrops are diverse and gorgeous, as are the collectables, opponents, and running grounds.

The gameplay is straightforward (literally as it’s a side-scrolling platformer), but it also offers unique challenges. On top of this, the developers have created two teams, Team Inferno and Team Rainbow, that players can join and feel part of a community, and also compete for daily prizes, make the replay value rich. With power ups and customizations the fun seems to never end.

In conclusion, Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is a must play game, and one of App Apes highest rated of all time. So don’t be afraid to race to the app store and download it. Join a team and help your neigh-bors play to victory daily.

App Pros

App Cons

  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Engaging Gameplay
  • Free to Play
  • None

App Description

robotunicornGet your hands on the latest, greatest, most epic installment of the Robot Unicorn Attack series to date, available for FREE! Brought to you by PikPok and Adult Swim Games, makers of “Monsters Ate My Condo!!”


  • Choose between Team Rainbow or Team Inferno and compete on a unique level every day for prizes
  • Race through 2 worlds at war, one of Rainbows and Harmony and one of Ice and Wonder
  • Build and customize your very own unicorn, selecting from different bodies, manes, wings, horns, trails and more
  • Unlock and arm yourself with 12 different boost abilities, including “Rainbow Savior” and “Gallow’s Gallop”
  • Achieve both personal and community goals, updated daily
  • Battle mighty giants and dash through their dangerous Solar Beams
  • Journey through such cosmic spectacles as Space Whales, Leviathan Seahorses, Ice Owls and more
  • Both worlds change to new and different layouts every single day
  • Personalize your quest (and support the artists) by purchasing new background songs for $.99 apiece, including Erasure’s “Always”
  • Full Tablet support for both 7 and 10 inch tablets!
  • Oh, also? You can fly now. Yeah. Yeah, man.

Gameplay Video

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Robot Unicorn Attack 2
Robot Unicorn Attack 2
Developer: [adult swim]
Price: Free+
Robot Unicorn Attack 2
Robot Unicorn Attack 2
Price: Free+

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