Flappy Cat

Flappy Cat


App Apes Verdict
  • Graphics - 2/10
  • Gameplay - 1/10
  • Replay Value - 1/10
User Rating: 1.0 (3 votes)


It’s hard to say anything more, nice or neutral, about this game than the developers did in their brief description (above). It’s a Flappy Bird Clone, no arguing that, but it feels as if something happened during the cloning process, maybe something to do with Pokémon copyright infringement, which led to this unresponsive platformer.

The game closes after every death, and given the fact that the game also seems to freeze for several second upon pressing PLAY, then finally starts with the flying cat Pikachu (often) a split second from what seem to be strips of Gameboy pine tree graphics, leading to an unavoidable death, the player spends more time loading the game than playing it.

The subject seems to be a paint version of the famous Pokemon, Pikachu, with three balloons, also looking to be made in paint, wrapped around it. The sombrero is detailed, but likely ripped from somewhere as well, for it doesn’t fit the aesthetics of the rest of the character. The subject does have an awesome mustache, though. Who doesn’t love a mustache? There, I said something nice about the game.

There is no animation, lest you count the balloons suddenly disappearing when hitting an obstacle, with a pop sound, as an animation.

Besides often starting with a very high obstacle passage that is literally impossible to get to given the slow rise speed, the overall speed allowed to descend or ascend is lesser than the time to takes to get from one block obstacle to the next. A straight line is the fastest way from point A to B, yet you need to travel to point C, aka travel the hypotenuse of the imaginary triangle, but there is not enough time to do so.

Overall, the game is a sloppy copy of Flappy Bird, that took care to rip off several sources during development. The game is not fun, nor responsive, and while Flappy Bird was challenging, this game is impossible. Impossible to play, and nearly impossible to compliment.

App Pros

App Cons

  • Mustache
  • Free to play
  • Unresponsive
  • Closes After Every Loss
  • Ripped Off Graphics

App Description

5914ea0d-3aa7-4e34-9060-9d287239c629PIKACHO PIKACHO
Flappy Kacho is a very very HARD GAME, how many points will you score?





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