Doodle Alchemy

Doodle Alchemy


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  • Graphics - 9/10
  • Gameplay - 3.5/10
  • Replay Value - 1/10
User Rating: 2.0 (2 votes)


Doodle Alchemy is a concoction more appealing to the eye than it is to the player’s sense of enjoyment. While pretty, it remains simple, and at times aggravating.

The graphics are indeed beautiful, with animated page turns and transitions, as is the peaceful soundtrack, and together these features create an immersive experience in which the player can truly feel like an alchemist. While an experience like this could be golden, it is tarnished by intrusive ads that pop up mid combination or during transitions. If kept to the latter, the ads would be largely a non-issue, but as is, they pull the player out of the experience.

On top of this, the feeling of rejection becomes a common one, especially later on in the continuum of the game when seemingly reasonable combinations do not combine. Others like energy and water becoming alcohol don’t make much sense, unless the alchemist happens to be Jesus. There are even weird ones such as Japan being a combination of country and robots. We’re certain those are exactly elements.

Once the 140 or so combinations are completed there isn’t much more to the game. So, overall the game is a nice retreat with its enjoyable graphics and sounds, but not the most engaging nor satisfying of games.

App Pros

App Cons

  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Enchanting Music
  • Free to Play
  • Feelings of Rejections Common
  • Little Replay Value
  • Non-engaging Gameplay

App Description

Doodle AlchemyDoodle Alchemy is a game with amazing graphics and effects. Off-beat music and sounds create an unforgettable atmosphere! At the beginning you have only 4 elements: air, water, earth, and fire. Combine these elements and create new ones. There is a fascinating journey into the world of knowledge waiting for you! Master the art of mysterious and ancient alchemy. Experience a  power of the four initial elements, fire, air, earth, and of course water. Experiment with these initial elements, combine them and discover 140+ new ones. Those who enjoy puzzles will love this Android game, with its colorful graphics, myriad elements, and gorgeous special effects and graphics.


  • One-click intuitive gaming
  • Amazing design and effects
  • Off-beat music and sound effects
  • Language choice. You can play and learn new words
  • Large number of elements
  • The game is free and with no in-game purchases required

Gameplay Video

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Doodle Alchemy
Doodle Alchemy
Developer: BYRIL
Price: Free+

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