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App Apes has launched to serve as the truly honest and free app review website.

First and foremost, monetary influence is not an issue at App Apes, as with so many other app review sites that charge money to host an article of a new app, which typically only established developers can afford, and those developers early in their careers who manage to scrape the money together often do not see returns on that investment in terms of new downloads. This is because the audience knows that money softened the review by the app review site, and do not take it seriously. That is not a concern at App Apes. Everyone who submits to App Apes is equal in terms of rating criteria. It’s talent, skill, and effort that will put you ahead here, not money. In addition, the reviews are honest. Sometimes brutally so. If someone submits a halfhearted effort, they will receive a negative score accordingly.


We rate games based off of four categories: Graphics, Gameplay, Replay Value, and Originality.


The Graphics category is largely about the ascetics of the game or app. Submissions are no more aesthetically limited to photo-realism than they are thick bordered cartoons, in order to receive a high score. Graphics need to be appropriate for the theme and style of the game. You wouldn’t make a horror game with cute Mario or Pacman characters, just like you wouldn’t want a Mario-like game with Pyramid head as the positive, happy, laughing protagonist(Well, maybe you would). For a high score, the UI, menus, characters, and environments need to demonstrate a complimentary theme. Everything should flow and not be abrasive. Beyond that, almost anything goes. Even games with stick figures can receive a high score in the Graphics category if done right, with the executive choice being essential for the theme.


The Gameplay category has to do with both the fluidity of the game play and the fun of it. For a high score there has to be great satisfaction in playing, little to no bugs, non-intrusive ads, and a smoothness to the processes of the app.

Replay Value

Finally, the Replay Value category concerns the number of hours that can be put into the game before receiving diminishing returns on gaming satisfaction. Think of the classics Solitaire, Tetris, and Chess. all three games are fun every time they are played, and they have been played for generations because of their inherent satisfaction. In contrast, games such as hidden objects finding games would not be as fun the second time through as the player would already have an idea of where the objects are, and therefore the satisfaction of the game is diminished, resulting in a lesser score. Keep this in mind for such games. Sometimes games with low Replay Value will have high Graphics and Gameplay scores and therefore be worth an initial play through.


Due to the high volume of Flappy Bird and Angry bird clones that the App Apes reviewers have received, we have decided to add a fourth bar to all new submissions labeled Originality. It won’t be a simple yes or no–one or ten point system–but rather a full one to ten range like the other rating bars. If developers clearly base their games off an already existing (likely popular) game, with little or no changes or additional features, their score for originality will near one. If it’s a never before seen or felt experience, the originality score will be much greater. Factors such as unique stories and graphics will lead to higher originality scores than a complete copy. We at App Apes love originality. In fact, we go bananas for unique games, and grow tired of money-grab clones that only lead to clutter and confusion in the app stores. Of course genre will be taken into consideration, and games that are reiterations of classics like word searches, hangman, whack-a-mole, and pong will be judged more heavily on their graphics and how they manage, or do not manage, to better the game, than they will on their core concepts.


As for the website, App Apes features a random shuffle for the All page of apps, as well as a list of the Top App Apes Rated, Top User Rated, and Most Recent apps. These three categories will serve as extra rewards for great game apps on the apps page, and the brave developers of new submissions. This way, all app have equal screen time in the random all pile, and new games won’t be immediately buried. In addition, spotlight banners will cycle on the homepage to feature great games, and the newest submissions for Android, Apple, and Windows will be featured in lists of five.


Submissions that help spread the word of App Apes via Twitter (see submissions page) will have the chance to receive a concise written review, free of charge (of course) on top of the App Apes three bar rating. An App Apes review badge with the score received will be available to the developers who submit their apps.


App Apes’ Stance on Religious Apps

App Apes takes no official stance on any religion. Apps that have a religious nature will be evaluated to the best of our staff’s ability, and will be judged on their functional, artistic, and inexhaustible merits, as well as their originality like any other app submitted. The religious related apps that receive a review do not necessarily indicate App Apes’ or its employees’ views.

Right to Refuse Service

App Apes reserves the right to refuse service. Though highly unlikely, if we feel uncomfortable posting an article about a game or app, we may refuse to post it. We may or may not email the individual who submitted the app explaining why.

Subject to Change

App Apes’ values and process are subject to change from time to time (see added originality bar) as issues arise, and it is expected of users of the site to keep an eye out for updates and changes. For more information take a look at our privacy policy.

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