App Apes Free App Review Website Launches

App Apes Free App Review Website Launches


Website provides independent Android, IOS, and Windows Phone app/ game developers the opportunity

to submit their app, completely free of charge, for a written review and rating.

September 6, 2014 – The founders of App Apes announce the official launch of, a website devoted to bringing awareness to independent developers and providing honest reviews of games. After all, code monkeys sometimes need an ape to help do the heavy lifting of marketing their product. That’s what App Apes offers: free reviews and increased exposure. App Apes strives to provide a well written review and honest rating to all submissions using a strict set of guidelines and a four bar, ten-point rating system that includes Graphics, Gameplay, Replay Value, and Originality.

App Apes also offers various contests throughout the year, including a Halloween/Day of the Dead contest, and a winter holiday contest, available to all apps fitting in the described themes.

So how does App Apes benefit? App Apes gets internet traffic, ad revenue, and the satisfaction of taking business away from shady other app review websites that charge the hard working developers excessive amounts of money; and game developers, confident in the originality of their work, get a free, honest review and exposure. Everyone else gets a nice clean hub in which to learn about and download fun new apps and read great reviews.

About App Apes:

App Apes, the truly free app review website, started when the founders spent hundreds of hours creating original, entertaining games for the Android and Apple markets, only to submit them and have said games be buried under a pile of thousands of new Flappy Bird and Bejeweled clones. When looking into reaching a wider audience than those few who scoured the non-reviewed, underplayed pits of the Android and Apple market places for gems, they turned to app review sites. Unfortunately, most of these app review sites charged to have apps featured on their sites, and would not consider lifting a finger otherwise. This ranged between $80-300 and after earning only nine cents on one of their games, the founders didn’t feel like paying this fee to have the mere chance of earning another nine cents.


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